Gauging Interest

Gauging interest: would anyone be interested in supporting a Patreon (or Ko-Fi or whatever) for Good Intentions scenes & short stories of the mostly comedy-smut variety?

I don’t have a long-range plan and I don’t want this to eat up time I’d spend on books. I can’t write books any faster than I already do, but I can write silly smut like the wind.

Maybe one or two scenes/shorts a month, canonical but not required-for-plot reading, mostly of the “daily life of the sexy supernatural” variety.


Would you be interested in a low-tier Patreon for Good Intentions scenes/short stories of a comedy-smut variety?

  • Shut up and take my money! (86%, 71 Votes)
  • No, what an undignified waste of time (14%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 83

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13 thoughts on “Gauging Interest

  1. I_F

    Hell yes! Already patroning some web comic artists and an author I’ve been wishing for a little while now you were on there.t

  2. Anon

    You still have one short story with Alex and Rachel up on Literotica, and a few other various tales that you left behind when you went into writing books full time. If anything, I think a Patreon would be a good way to fund not only short skits, but also fill out some of the other stories like Morgan’s Genie or Aphrodite’s Reward.

    Eagerly looking forward to the next in G.I. I like Tanner’s story, but Alex and Lorelei are what drew me to you in the first place.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Morgan’s Genie has a bucket of problematic tropes and appropriation issues that I don’t see myself returning to it. Some can be explained away, but that’s a lot of explaining for little gain. As much as I still like the stronger aspects of the story I feel like it’s best left alone as something I’ve learned from in the past. Aphrodite’s is…well, there’s other problems but I feel like they can at least be acknowledged and owned, but I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get back to that later. Same with my other Lit stuff. I’m not ashamed, but there’s a lot of learning process going on there.

      That said, I do kinda miss my Lit writing in some ways. This seems like a way to get back to that “just for fun” approach while not feeling like it’s a time-waster for myself and for my readers.

      1. wolverine006

        I took the time to follow the trace from lit to make this comment.

        There’s more to Kyle and Alyssa’s story from “It’s Legal on Other Planets!” You left a lot of hanging threads. How did the issue with Gravlith get resolved? Did Kyle ever take care of Captain Hughes? The ending seemed abrupt and forced.

        1. Elliott Kay Post author

          I didn’t end that story abruptly so much as I abandoned it.
          Legal was partly an experiment in first-person writing, and while I’m comfortable with it in a general sense I am not at all happy with it for erotica. I’ve got other issues with first person in general (it’s too limiting and I like showing other perspectives), but again, for erotica it feels all wrong. There are some other things I regret about that story (lots of it being the “hey it’s Literotica I have to shoehorn in some sex somehow” thinking), but the perspective is the biggest problem.
          I may, someday, recycle or reboot that story because I think it’s got some funny concepts to it, but I have no plans to go back as of now.

  3. Michael

    I would like to see more of Tanner, perhaps out of college but working for/with intelligence services. Any chance of that happening?

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I’ll likely include some Poor Man’s Fight content now and again, though I’m primarily planning this for Good Intentions. As for exactly what it’ll contain, I expect I’ll bounce all over continuity in terms of what happens and when. The first piece I have written is a day or two after the first Good Intentions ends. If we see any of Tanner, it could be from any point up until the end of book 5 and maybe shortly after, but I don’t want to go far because it could spoil what comes next.

      1. wolverine006

        For some reason Monty Python’s Holy Grail seems appropriate….”Run away, Kay! Run away!”

  4. Dave

    dunno.. loved the series but absolutely hated how you decided to end the last book. It felt more like a “fuck it I don’t want to even bother with this anymore I got better things to do” Was a real shame because I really enjoyed that series but I haven’t even looked at another of your books since I don’t want to get invested in a character just to have the same happen again. So this just kinda seems wrong.

      1. Robert

        I think he was saying that he thought the last G.I. book was the end, and he didn’t like that

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