The Patreon account is now live!

Sorry I didn’t post and link it here the day it went up. Things got pretty busy for me right then and in the days after. But here it is!

Tiers and offerings are laid out on the site. $3/month members will get one or two sneak-peeks at my current Work In Progress per month. At $5, members will get that and one or two series-canonical short stories featuring characters from Good Intentions, Poor Man’s Fight, or Wandering Monsters. There’s also a $1 tip jar for those who want to support but aren’t interested in the offerings.

No higher tiers yet, but we’ll see how this goes. We’re already off to a good start. The first sneak peek and the first Good Intentions short are already on the site. More info in the link.

I’ll get back to work on the books now. Thank you for all your interest and your support!

1 thoughts on “THE PATREON IS LIVE!!

  1. Paul Sweatman

    I just signed up for the Patreon “Patron” account… Love It! Thanks for putting it out there. I’ve been reading your work for several years now and always want more…this helps satisfy that itch.

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