Happy Audio Day! Poor Man’s Fight 6: NO MAN’S LAND is available in audio!

Happy audio day! Poor Man’s Fight 6: NO MAN’S LAND is now available, narrated by series regular Timothy Andrés Pabon! With cute, sweet aliens and hugs for everyone!

No Man’s Land by Elliott Kay – Audiobook – Audible.com

“I don’t belong in the military. I don’t want to belong.”

Tanner Malone never aspired to heroism. For him, the Navy and the Debtor’s War were all about survival. Lately, his life has turned to better days with college, friends, and a growing relationship. He’s not interested when a Union Fleet admiral brings him a mysterious alien threat, but he can’t turn away Alicia Wong.

Ancient warfare between humanity’s alien neighbors threatens to reignite. While tensions rise, the Fleet detects a massive alien craft sneaking through human space. The commando team sent to investigate is tough, competent, and straight out of Tanner’s worst fears. Surviving this will push Tanner to his limits—and he’ll definitely need a note for class.

Also, more audio is on the way! Tess Irondale (Good Intentions, No Medals for Secrets) has wrapped recording on HOT RESTART, and it’s getting the final production touches now. We should see it release sometime next month, so you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

And if you’re interested in keeping up with current writing, subscribers to my Patreon are getting monthly chapters of my current work in progress: GRAND THEFT SORCERY, a novel of wild chases and magical revelations through Los Angeles in the Good Intentions universe! GTS focuses on new protagonists, but brings in a bunch of familiar faces. The novel will be out as soon as it’s finished, but the Patreon has the first six chapters with number seven on the way at the end of the month. If you’re interested, give it a look!

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    But by my count, you’re up to chapter 7 on the Patreon for Grand Theft Sorcery already. Or did you decide to merge two chapters?

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