In the vein of Good Intentions and Hot Restart, it’s time for some low-stakes, high-smut sexy summer fun!


Art by Julie Dillon

Kyle Daveran always wanted to help people in need, yet his humanitarian career dreams are crumbling into the dumps of daily life. On a rainy delivery run, he meets Xinn: a psychic alien entity with sexy, ambitious vacation plans here on Earth. Xinn needs a warm-hearted human to serve as her vacation host—and to hide her from the feds!

Xinn’s people hold to strict rules against interference with humanity. She’s only here for fun, but Kyle knows her psychic powers and alien hyper intelligence could do incredible good. Escape from the grind is within reach, with lovely companions and the high life not far behind… as long as Kyle’s heroic impulses don’t ruin the party for everyone.

WARNING: Great Power and No Responsibilities contains explicit sex, explicit language, polyamory, telepathy, frequent casual invasion of privacy, inherent power imbalances, alien ethics, post-breakup tension, gambling, kissing, hugging, trespassing, theft, lingerie, nudity, perfidy, reckless motorcycle riding, organized crime, disorganized criminals, arms trafficking, illegal immigration, quitting without two weeks’ notice, a bathroom brawl, conspicuous consumption, shameless pandering to tropes, dirty cops, reliance on police despite distrust of police and other compromises of life in a society, office sex, storage room sex, hotel sex, fitting room sex, elevator foreplay, misrepresentation of a military installation, an unreliable money laundering scheme (seriously, don’t try it), elitism, sexism, nepo baby dirtbags, obstruction of justice, theft of evidence, job frustrations, embezzlement, abuse of authority, attempted murder, ulterior motives, conflicts of interest, and the admittedly debatable premise of consent via telepathy in a sci-fi summer erotica vacation adventure.

(All characters depicted are fictional and over the age of 18.)

GREAT POWER AND RESPONSIBILITIES is adapted & heavily revised from a story I once wrote on Literotica under a different pen name. Let’s face it, you knew my output was 50% sexytimes when you signed up here. 🙂

Audio depends entirely on ebook & print sales, so if you’re interested, pick it up!

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  1. John A

    Great! I shall look forward to it.
    I hope Tanner Malone’s Graduation Day Speech is interrupted by multiple explosions and we will be finding out soon? 😁

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