The awesome Amy King announced she was open for commissions a few weeks ago, and I jumped right into the line. I wanted a group illustration of the crew from Wandering Monsters, and wow did she nail it!


Do yourself a favor and go give Amy King’s Website a look, and if you’re on Twitter, follow her @sephiramy!

Quick book update: Wandering Monsters 2 is still in the works. The paperback for Run Like Hell is slowly happening–I’m still learning to navigate a new system there. Good Intentions IV is also coming along; I think I’m maybe halfway through the rough!

More to come soon!


      1. James B

        So, just curious:

        Have you considered wrapping up either story? Not that I’m necessarily in favor of that, just curious about long term prospects for both stories, if any? Or if you had an idea at this point how how to end either one?

        As always, thanks for the great reads. I’m always looking forward to the next book by you. The latest was actually fantastic, just wish it was longer.

  1. Peter T

    Just finished Wandering Monsters. Really liked it! And while LitRPG is not easy, turning an RPG themes into normal story form (one where stats etc are not obvious) is not easy at all (I know – I’m trying).

    Minor criticism – there were a couple of points where there seemed to be small continuity jumps.

    Looking forward to the next in the series.

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