You Don’t Come Here for This

Hi all,

I’m gonna go way off my usual topic for a second. Like, obviously I’m an author and you come here for book stuff, but screw it, I want to point people to a couple videos.  🙂 Upcoming book stuff addressed below, since folks will ask.

SO. Thanksgiving is soon. Are you doing Thanksgiving, and are you doing a turkey? Are you committed to a plan for it?

If you’re open to suggestions, I HIGHLY recommend the method in this this video by Andrew Babish and Sohla El-Waylly. It’s a livestream, so you may want to skip a little bit to cut to the chase, but it’s step-by-step instructions and it’s awesome.

Last year, my wife & I stayed home for Thanksgiving because of the pandemic. We have roasted many a chicken, but this was the first time either of us had cooked a turkey. No disrespect to my Mom, my in-laws, or anyone else who cooked for Thanksgiving for me, but the method we followed in that video turned out the best goddamn turkey I’ve ever had. Bonus, it was out of the oven in less than an hour. Obviously there’s some prep before that, but… well, give it a look. It rocks.

Also as long as I’m sharing cooking YouTubes this salmon pasta is great.

So! Upcoming stuffs, because I know folks will ask:

-A compilation of short stories from my series is COMING SOON. It’ll be called Habitual Heroes and will include stuff for Poor Man’s Fight, Good Intentions, and Wandering Monsters. The cover is in the works now. I’d love to say it’ll be out before the end of the year, but the bottom line is it’s out when it’s ready. Hopefully soon. Would really love to get something on the score board for 2021, but if not it’ll be early in 2022.

-That new space opera I talked about in my last post will be titled HOT RESTART and it’s coming along! Won’t be out ’til next year at the earliest, but I’m writing the climax now!

-Yes, there will be more PMF, more GI, and more WM eventually.

Anyway, best wishes for the rest of the year, please be safe for your holidays, wear masks & get your shots, etc. Take care.  🙂

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Come Here for This

  1. David

    Thank you.
    Your work is great and I’m so looking forward to the upcoming 2022 releases. Just finished “Past Due” narrated by the wonderful and talented Tess Irondale.
    Have a peaceful and healthy Christmas.


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