A General Update

Hey, I haven’t posted on this blog in a while!

There’s a reason for that. I haven’t had a ton to say.

Okay, that’s not true. I have an opinion about basically everything. Whatever.

The long and short of it is I’ve tried to stay focused on writing and producing over the last few months. When I sit down to write, I’d rather work on books than the blog; I figure most of my readers would prefer I do that, too. 2020 was obviously a dumpster fire year, but Past Due launched relatively well despite all the catastrofucks—in fact, super well considering the context of that year, for which I’m still deeply grateful, and thank you to all my readers. Regardless, 2020 sure hit my productivity as a writer moving forward, and that carried over well into 2021.

I went through a household move at the start of the pandemic, and then gave myself a little space to breathe, and then tried a couple of book projects that weren’t really working… and then as the pandemic wore on, I found my writing productivity really stunted. My personal stress level is pretty fine and I’ve been lucky through the pandemic and assorted fallout, but writing really slowed. It’s still slow.

It is, however, moving.

I still post regularly on my Patreon . Supporters there receive one or two sneak-peeks per month on my current projects, and a monthly short story from one of my three series. If you’re looking for more stories from me, you might take a look there.

My current Work In Progress is an all-new setting, all-new characters, hitting a spot between Poor Man’s Fight and Good Intentions. It’s a space opera with comedy, action, and a good dose of smutty fun. As always, I’m reluctant to guess on a release date, but the final arc is in sight and I’m eager to launch. Super eager. Sooo eager.

As always, YES I will continue writing all three of my other series, too. In addition to my WIP, I’ve got the opening chapters of the next Poor Man’s Fight written already. While it’s not on my front burner, it’ll have a good head start once the WIP is off into the wind.

So this is a general update for those who have asked, and there have been a few lately. Am I about to release something new? Not quite yet, no. Am I working hard? Yes, and better lately than I have in a good while.

Thank you again for all of your support, please please please wear your masks and get vaccinated if you haven’t yet (get that flu shot, too! This is NOT the year to skip it!), and take care. I hope to have something new for you soon!

9 thoughts on “A General Update

  1. Mark W Henderson

    Elliott what you do is appreicated for it’s rolicing fun as well as for its sense of righteous justice.

    We know its hard.

    Thank you

  2. Robert S

    Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to your new work. Wandering Monsters was a bit of a sleeper for me. I was so into your GI and PMF series that I was thrown for about the first third of book one then the good character interplay that I know you for picked up and I was hooked.

    Can’t wait for the new series, Sir.

    (PS: Good reminder about the flu and also my local Pharmacist also stated that they are recommending Pertussis/Whooping Cough this year aggressively as well. She said that they are recommending anything that adversely affects upper-respiratory as it can make you more susceptible to Covid even if you are vaccinated against it)

  3. Shannon

    Hey! To all the asshats who dinged you stars for Past Due because it is “too political,” they are entitled to their opinions, but I say fuck that noise! I appreciate how you incorporate the historical narrative with the novels. On a very specific note, I keep coming back to Alex saying “There was Lydia’s creepy sexual assault stuff because I should call that what it is.” That is a stand out moment. Thank you.

  4. Sean

    Long-time lurker, just to say I suddenly discovered the audio versions of PMF and blew through 5 Audible credits in 2 weeks. I’d read them all on my Kindle and been hooked, but hearing them bounce around the garage whilst I paint or whatever was pretty epic. I’m putting off the next paint job until book 6! Glad you are coping well post-pandemic.

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