Refugee Support: Donating Poor Man’s Fight Earnings to IRC

Refugee assistance is a cause I’ve held dear for a long time. I’ve written about it before. The first job the Coast Guard gave me as an enlistee straight out of boot camp involved pulling refugees out of the ocean. Once upon a time, I taught classes of teenage English language learners who were largely refugees. Those kids came from all over the world and had been through hardships I can only imagine. It was one of the most meaningful times I had as a teacher. I like doing some good with my books, and I’m finally in a position for it again.

All author earnings from Poor Man’s Fight for the month of February 2017 will be donated to the International Rescue Committee. The IRC is a wonderful organization dedicated to refugee assistance around the world. Charity Navigator gives them 4 stars, which is their highest rating. They do an incredible amount of good work.

For the sake of clarity, this will be my share of Feb. 2017 royalties after taxes. I’ll be donating to match author earnings from January 2017 as well. The final donation tally will be posted when I receive the reports, which should hit at the very end of March. As with PMF’s previous donation drive, I’ll post whatever proof of the donation I receive from the IRC as soon as I can. [Also please note: This is not an endorsement from the IRC for my book nor myself as an author. I’ve made no contact with them. I’m just a guy hoping to throw them a little support.]

I chewed on the best way to do something like this for some time. Poor Man’s Fight is my most accessible book with probably the widest appeal, and to date it’s the most successful. It seems like the right tool for the job. This isn’t the first time I’ve put Tanner and company to work for charity. I’m hoping they can do some good for deserving people once again.

5 thoughts on “Refugee Support: Donating Poor Man’s Fight Earnings to IRC

  1. Erik

    I think this is very generous of you to contribute and regardless of the final amount I think it’s a fine gesture.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Working on a book for Alicia Wong and Janeka right now. It’s kind of a PMF 2.5, set right after Rich Man’s War. Tanner will appear, but it’s not his book like the others were. After that, Tanner’s Book 4 will likely be my next project.

      1. Jacob

        That awesome to hear. I like all your books, but Tanner ‘s series is just too good. Read each book twice and then got them on audio.

        Too good to end just yet.

  2. Mark Johnson

    I got Poor Man’s Fight from Amazon during early days (it was on a deal). I just ran across your donation pledge, so immediately went and bought Tanner #2 and #3. Good on you!

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