I owe everyone an update now that things are all available:

Good Intentions 3: Personal Demons is now available in paperback, and in Audio with Tess Irondale narrating once again! If you’ve been waiting for either option, everything is ready for purchase through Amazon now. Life in Shadows is also available in paperback now, too.


In all honesty, I feel a little petty doing promotional stuff like this given what’s going on in my country right now. Cheetoh Mussolini’s first week in office has been a daily string of multiple dumpster fires, but the executive order on immigration and refugees was nothing short of horrific and inhumane. I’ve posted before about my experience in working with refugees in the Coast Guard and as a public school teacher. These are real people being put through real suffering at the hands of an incompetent and callous government to the benefit of no one, except perhaps people who’d like to turn people against us.

I see nothing positive in this action. This doesn’t make us safer. It’s an act of bigotry, xenophobia, cowardice, and cruelty. History will not look on this kindly.

Today I donated to the International Rescue Committee, because they’re working to help the people left stranded by this horrible action. The IRC is an excellent group with a four-star (highest) rating from Charity Navigator. If you’re looking for a way to help refugees hurt by this, they’re a great place to start. I’d also give the obvious recommendation of supporting the ACLU, who are also getting some of my cash.

I’m working out a way to do something more than that. When I have it figured out, I’ll post it here. And once again, if anyone feels like telling this writer or any other not to be so political, don’t bother. This is who I am.

Work continues on the next novel. I’m hoping to have Alicia and Janeka Kick Ass In Space (working title) wrapped up soon, but you know how I am about these things. I don’t like giving out projections of when something will be out, because I don’t want to be wrong and disappoint anyone. When that’s done, I’ll most likely start work on the next book for Tanner…but there’s a real good chance I’ll move to Good Intentions 4 instead, ’cause I feel like Alex needs to punch some Nazis. Kinda like a lot of people need to right now, really.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Tysoin

    Thanks for the status update.

    If your looking for fan input on what project to work on next then consider this a vote for more Tanner. Might just be me but I would think Tanner’s world provides more opportunity for exploring the morality and danger of xenophobia.

  2. adam diran

    I pity you Mr. Kay. It will be very difficult for you to come up with fiction stranger than the truth we’re living.

    Seriously if you wrote the president as a character in one of your books your editor would send you for a re-write.

    1. Joseph Vanhoose

      Actually i think he already did in personal demons there was a guy at a party who loralie verbally destroyed who i think was supposed be a stand in for trump.

  3. Michael

    Excellent news! I love the books in both storylines… though we might get a bit impatient for news from Alex & Co if we get two books in a row from the Poor Man’s universe.

  4. Nate

    Definitely a vote for Good Intentions. A good dose of righteous nazi stopming is definitely in order.

  5. Mark

    I really… REALLY enjoy your work. And, I don’t know which series I like more. A Big Thank you!
    If you were a percentage person… what are the chances that Zefera makes it into a future book? I’m interested in her back story and maybe a flash-back ride along of her scampering about THE Library?
    Party on!

  6. PeterM

    I think Alicia and Janeka Kick Ass In Space is a fine title, but it should really be “… INNNN SPAAAAAACE!” if you want to class it up as much as possible.

    And I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of Alex and his buddies kicking Nazi ass. Especially if they’re Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis.

  7. PDE

    As another fan wrote, I truly love both series. You’ve got a lot of talent sir, I just need you to write faster 🙂 Have a fantastic day.

  8. Moddchip

    Good day sir. I have a question about book prices. How can you make money when Audible is charging $1.99 for almost all your novels? I pre-ordered Personal Demons on Audible (using a credit) and thought is was the first in the series. I stopped listening about 2 hours from the end. I checked online and kicked myself when I found it was book 3. Doh! I discovered audio books about 2 years ago after a friend recommended Audible. I suffer from Dyslexia and cannot read very well. I now have over 160 audio books including the Good Intentions series. I just finished books 1 and 2, as well as Life in Shadows. Now I can finish the last 2 hours of book 3. I will be starting the Poor Man’s Fight series ($5.24 what a deal) as soon as I finish Personal Demons. I would like to truly Thank You for your wonderful writing. P.S. I hope there will be more than 4 books in the Good Intentions series. 🙂

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Hello, and thanks!

      Audible sets the prices. I can’t get into specifics, but I can say that I’ve been extremely happy and grateful for the money I have made off of the Good Intentions books in audio. The Poor Man’s Fight series seems to do much better as ebooks, but I like the audio versions as well and I hope you do, too!

  9. Peter

    Any chance book 4 of Alex Carlisle will be published this (2017) year? As much as I loved the series please don’t make me go through book 2 all over again. Book 2 is a cuckold fantasy. I’m not even being hypocritical because I don’t like Alex fooling with other women either. But Lorelei straying for no reason was brutal to read. Anyways, I’m your fan now. Just got Poor Man’s Fight so i will give it a go.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I would not hold out much hope for another installment of GI for 2017. It may happen if I shift gears for whatever reason, as it has happened before, but my current plan for 2017 is hopefully back-to-back sci-fi projects.

      Alex, Lorelei, and Rachel will continue to have a polyamorous and open relationship on equal footing.

  10. Tony Hinde

    Hi Elliot,

    I love all the Good Intentions book, (and the rest). Thanks.

    I’d like to see the moral/social aspects of Alex’s past life experiences explored a little more at some point. I’m imagining a story where he and Lorelei, (sans powers), are trapped in a pocket of hell by an arch daemon. But, despite being surrounded by devils that are supposed to make their life hell, Alex and Lorelei teach the monsters about honor and show them a better way to live.

    Meanwhile, Rachael and team are sucked in to help a large Christian group that are being attacked by Vampires. But, over time, the corruption of the church leaders becomes apparent as the team is seduced/tempted to bend their own moral code in service to practical and venal ends.

    It continues the mirroring device you’ve used before, while illustrating the value of the moral code that the best of humanity have won in the course of many generations.

    P.S. Sorry about the random message in your blog. I couldn’t find your email address.

  11. Jordan


    I’m replying here since this is the last post specifically about the GI series. I sort of accidentally tripped over it right before Natural Consequences was published and love both the print and audio versions. I haven’t found the short stories outside Life In The Shadows, or the novella yet, but all the stories of Alex, Lorelei, Rachel, Onyx, Molly, Taylor and the boys are highly enjoyable. I hope that you’ll have something for the md-terms if not by the end of this calendar year. I’m afraid that I’m just as confused as I am entertained by this last installment. What exactly are the rules for complete destruction of angels and demons? Neither can die final deaths on earth, unless a demon is killed with a supernatural weapon at a holy place where faith is strong (as demonstrated by Rob). What are the rules for demon princes/dukes/queens? When Baal died on a guardian angel’s sword, his body was consumed in divine flame to nothing and his crown was left on the “ground” of the Pit to be claimed. Princes can be overwhelmed and killed by rabble, but will automatically regenerate unless…what? They face another leader or an angelic weapon? Could such a prince regenerate, even if their crown were exhausted so long as they didn’t themselves dematerialize?

    You indicate that the Alex/Lorelei/Rachel relationship is still a functioning triad on equal footing. Would Lorelei be advised to try to reactivate the master/servant relationship with Alex for her own pleasure and his protection, or is she coming around to his American view of freedom? Will she have to be more consciously careful of him without the protection of the second bond? Will the magical part of Rachel’s bond to both Alex and Lorelei fade completely with the destruction of the counterbalance? Will Alex start having flings again? There was a sidelong mention of one in Natural Consequences and the aftermath of a little of his couple play with Lorelei this time out, but we haven’t actually seen a “fling” since “Good Intentions.” With both his partners clamoring for him to loosen up, will he? If it does happen, will it be part of his adventures in the future? Would he be an ideal feast for Shannon (or the chunk of Serena that Shannon now bears and controls)? Would a fling or several with Shannon be good prep work for dealing with Lydia?

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I’m totally not giving out the rules for destroying angels or demons. The basic principle is they can be taken down but they’ll eventually return. The length of time varies, partially depending on how they’re taken down. Permanent destruction happens through generally unusual circumstances, three of which we have now seen in the stories. There is no exhaustive list of methods in the setting, though, because it hasn’t happened very often at all.

      Baal is definitely gone for good, however. So is Rob.

      Lorelei, Alex, and Rachel are gonna have to play with things a bit. They’re in uncharted territory as far as the mystical bond stuff goes. But on an emotional level and in principle, they consider themselves to all be on equal footing in their relationship. The thing is, they all have different inclinations, and they want to make room for each other to do their thing.

      1. Jordan

        Okay. Thank you. I’ll try to track down the second novella and second set of short stories. I’ll also take a look at the other continuing series. I have every confidence I’ll find it entertaining, even if there isn’t as much (or any) carnal fun in it. On Alex’s lives–we’ve seen one of the men he saved in World War II have a full life, Grandpa Carlisle is part of the imprint that Will left. Any plans to revisit Siobhan’s history either before she met the piano player or after she fled home? Skorri settled all his outstanding accounts in Natural Consequences. John has history with Lydia in Antioch. Would she recognize that life now if she were loose on Earth? Will we be seeing more of Alex’s former lives beyond the eight(?) we know?

        Is Shannon a bad idea for the same or similar reason that Zafirah is a bad idea for a fling, or is it more that Shannon’s in completely uncharted territory, and they’re not sure how Serena would react to someone with Alex’s unique qualities?

        What happened to sniveling Donnie? (the Guardian angel, not the….never mind) Have the higher-ups had to reconsider the apportionment of responsibility and reward since Donald exposed a way to “cheat” the system and the souls he was guiding?

        Lots of things to fuel wild speculation and fun anticipation.

  12. zaolar


    I just finished reading Personal Demons of yours and loved whole series. In some earlier comment of yours I found in the net you were telling that you would want to rewrite Molly and Onyx as lesbians instead of bi. Well, I’m glad you can’t. There is plenty of books in the market when everything is more restricted like that and story wouldn’t be as entertaining for me if this book was similar. Actually there is no lot of fiction with enough harem elements around. Also I still think with only three of its not much of a harem yet. Especially in a story with a succubus that currently seeks long term love environment for herself (or I think she is). ;D Anyway… I love it.

    As critique I only don’t like one conversation in this book. It’s when Rachel lied to him that she can’t fly him around at the same time reassuring him that she don’t lie to him when she actually doe’s. Examples aside of what she actually can or can’t lift and her speed that need huge magical or actual lift power (she needs naturally or magically strangulated wings for that cause shes not a Superman) main example that she’s lying is by saing that other angels are thinking that now she will be flying him around. And if other angels are implying such thing finally proofs its actually possible. After all they wouldn’t telling anything like that if it wasn’t. Reasons aside of why protagonist need to be away from States and how to do that – I think whole thing still should be formulated differently. Like she don’t like/want to fly him… or promised someone she won’t be doing this… or she have “reasons”. Because saying “she can’t” like she did when actually is implied she can it was a blatant lie – or looks like it in this conversation. I was expecting better of her as an angel with lot of experience and promise of not lying to her partner. Also I was expecting from him that he pick on it or something. Well, in all three books not lying was important rule and breaking it so casually – especially by an angel when even demon rarely did it is for me little disappointing. Rachel as an angel is (was) restricted heavily by rules and she shouldn’t slip with words like that with a partner that trusts her.

    Also telling Alex that Angels did a lot to help and resolve the crisis and that he can’t involve himself is hypocritical. First: Most angels only observe and encourage people actually doing nothing themselves. Especially in an environment that don’t have much of good people protected by angels. They should tell him that “he shouldn’t” involve himself – no that “he can’t”. Second: he himself is a mortal after all, so angels are obligated to not hinder him in any way. So he should talk back more. Not that whole conversation should changed a plot or something, but it wasn’t phrased correctly from both sides. Was expecting angelic advice – not harassment from beings that almost never help and actually have rules to not harass mortals. He have life experiences from millennium and they boss him like that? Didn’t like it and think he also shouldn’t. Or Rachel should tell those two to stop harassing him. But she failed as partner yet again in single conversation. Small matter but sad.

    Anyway I think you had bad day writing “Road trip” chapter or something. Or maybe because it was thirteen? 😉
    Any comment? 😉

  13. David G McCord

    When are we going to see book 4 of Good Intentions? It feels like forever since book Three came out.

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