Pledge Update!

Donation Pledge Update!

I just received my earnings statement for February. Per my pledge to donate January & February royalties from Poor Man’s Fight, I now owe $650.54 to the International Rescue Committee.

Originally I was going to withhold taxes from that total, but that was in case it turned out to be a huge sum I couldn’t cover. I figure I can kick in that amount with no problem. I’ll see if I can get any documentation from them to share here on the blog when I get the donation done.

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased the book in those months and to everyone who shared my pledge posts on Twitter or Facebook!

EDIT: Adding the emailed receipt from IRC below, along with evidence of my shaky hand at MS Paint. Sorry, folks. Not revealing my legal name or address this time!

3 thoughts on “Pledge Update!

  1. Peter

    This is pretty awesome. Thanks for letting us know the total.

    As for your real name, I’m gonna guess Panhead McNipper.

  2. Dannan Tavona

    International Rescue! The Tracy’s would be proud! Way to go, Coastie!

    I have all your books. Waiting for more. 🙂

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