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A skirmish in space can scar just as deeply as the fleet battles. Freeing a valley from a corrupt king only opens the land to darker threats. And grand theft auto gets a lot messier when the car belongs to a literal demon.

A small crisis is still a crisis.

LOW-KEY CALAMITIES contains fourteen novelettes and short stories from the series Poor Man’s Fight, Good Intentions, and Wandering Monsters. Collectively they include explicit violence, explicit sex, profanity, defenestrations, espionage, backstabbing, murder, blasphemy, poison, lingerie, public indecency, arguable war crimes, condescension, identity theft, asphyxiation, vigilantism, sabotage, a fart joke, anti-necromantic prejudice, intentional food poisoning, counter-weaponization of stereotypes, deceit, assassination, incitement to riot, disrespect for the dead, abuse of kitchen staff, conspiracy, arson, grand theft auto, breaking and entering, a lost bat, unauthorized dormitory residents, drug use, lies, bickering, punching, leering, kicking, body slams, analysis of adult film, mild hallucinations, paranoia, military “intelligence,” performative charity, genuine charity, talking behind people’s backs, angry essay writing, oral sex, mishandling of explosives, violations of Rules of Engagement, destruction of church property, insensitivity, poor leadership skills, ambushes, grave robbery, insults, family feuding, unintended threats, urban warfare, resentful internal monologues, a carefully bland lunch, and vomiting in front of the boss.

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3 thoughts on “New Book! LOW-KEY CALAMITIES is available now!

  1. No

    With all respect, Mr Kay, there is zero plot development in any of these stories.. The Alex Lorelei Rachel.stuff is now a bit “ew” and the rest of it rather 2018. Same for the others.
    Sorry, but I’m being honest.

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