New Release! HOT RESTART is Out!

Hey! It’s new book time!

HOT RESTART is available now in ebook and paperback through Amazon!

I’ve been talking about this for a while (and working on it for a LONG while). If you’ve enjoyed Good Intentions OR Poor Man’s Fight, you’ll want to give this a look!

Riley Morgan desperately needs a reset on his life. Pit fights with aliens and illegal salvage jobs are barely enough to get by—until a salvage op turns up a beautiful stranger in a stasis pod and a clear case of kidnapping. Helping her means throwing away what’s left of his life. The trouble only gets deeper when the stranger turns out to be a wildly illegal artificial intelligence built for assassination.

Like Riley, Selene has been used and abused by her bosses… and like Riley, she longs for a life of her own choosing. Riley and Selene are ready for the struggle ahead. They aren’t ready for the dangerous and sexy aliens in their way, or the glitzy parties and corporate conspiracies, and they certainly aren’t ready for the spark between one another.

WARNING: HOT RESTART contains explicit violence, explicit sex, explicit language, polyamory, murder, kidnapping, assault, acrimony, perfidy, theft, numerous bisexuals, defenestrations, conspiracies, death and mourning, threesomes, space capitalism, interspecies hookup culture, surly co-workers, judgmental aliens, embarrassing humans, smuggling, stalking, strafing, lap-dancing, sexual promiscuity, self-discovery, self-defense, post-coital robo-violence, hedonism, exhibitionism, intimidation, surveillance, rejection, abrupt breakups, betrayals, ambushes, espionage, gang activity, false identities, pool hustling, alien/human sexytimes, questionable salvage practices, intended torture, destruction of private property, hallway foreplay, alien insectoid pseudo-anarcho-socialism, clueless appropriation of human culture for restaurant entrepreneurship, shooting, punching, kicking, flirting, taunting, aerial combat, abusive leadership, destruction of evidence, unsanitary transit through hotel ventilation, a CEO who isn’t trash, relationship boundary conversation during combat, outstanding man-ass, an amorphous alien gel-person looking for a good time, and protagonists dressed in their underwear or less for five consecutive chapters.


Not sure if an audio edition will happen—I’d love to do it, but that’s hugely dependent on how the ebook and paperback perform. Also, yes, all my other series will continue!

Take care!