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Alex Carlisle owes a debt beyond cash. Once upon a time–all of three months ago–Alex found himself in a foreign land hunted by mercenaries and demon lords. Only the intervention of a sultry, playful jinn got him home again. Zafirah didn’t help him for free. Now she’s come to collect.

With her sights set on a dangerous family of ancient sorcerers, Zafirah needs every edge. She needs not only Alex, but the friends and lovers he brings with him. Her quest threatens to extract a price from angel, demon, and mortal alike… and most especially the witch who brought them all together.

WARNING: PAST DUE contains explicit sex, explicit violence, explicit expletives, murder, attempted murder, alley murder, mayhem, perfidy, piracy, necromancy, piratical necromancy, nudity, open relationships, polyamory, casual promiscuity, straight people, depictions of beings of divine and infernal nature bearing little or no resemblance to established religious canon, casual disrespect of vampires, elitism, explosions, classism, premarital sex, oral sex, shower sex, car sex, standing sex, chair sex, public sex, sex in a police station, international weapons trafficking, eavesdropping, lewd conduct at a border crossing, presumptuous hotel arrangements, historical revisionism, arson, defenestration, decapitation, drowning, demonstrations on a college campus without a permit, chemical warfare, breaking and entering, punching, kicking, stomping, stabbing, immolation, party sorcery, awkward confessions, veiled insults, open insults, Nazis, obscene wealth, panties, blasphemy, police brutality, impersonation of a licensed professional, mild erotic asphyxiation, multiple threesomes, conspiracy to commit swinging, grand larceny, underage drinking, unsafe operation of a marine vessel in Canadian waters, sexual harassment, kidnapping, raiding, destruction of private property, illegal discharge of firearms, soccer arguments, seduction, discrimination, reincarnation, pop culture references, generally rude behavior, mind control, robbery, questionable workplace relationship standards, crank calls, cultists, tentacle people, trespassing, concealed weaponry without permit, interrupted vacations, late payments, historical weirdness about penises, poor management techniques, party fouls, fraud, grandstanding, cell phone failure, surveillance, looting, gaslighting, nightclub jerks, a grumpy in-law, a megayacht, and the lizard people from beneath Los Angeles.
All characters are age eighteen or over.

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(And then support Black Lives Matter, which has nothing to do with this book but it’s too important to leave out right now!)


  1. Jaime Cruz

    I LOVE this series. I was recently discussing it with my wife. Of course the first couple of books had an ENORMOUS amount of graphic sex, but that was really to explore the nature of the unique relationship between the three main characters (one of whom is a succubus). As the titles have worn on, however, there has been less “explicit sex” and more character and plot development. This is the exact OPPOSITE of the tact Laurel K. Hamilton took with her Anita Blake series. In the beginning it was all plot and character driven but in every subsequent title she injected more and more explicit sex to the point the later titles were ALL explicit sex and what little plot it had was simply to introduce yet another supernatural character for Anita to bump uglies with. We gave up on those titles altogether because it was like reading the same story over and over. Please keep up the good work. I’m also curious about some of the characters introduced in “Days of High Adventure” that went nowhere. There’s also that intriguing backstory to Wade that was hinted at in the second book but never explored any farther.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Wade’s backstory stuff will come out sooner or later. I felt like it was a little too much to work into this book with everything else going on.
      As for Days, I haven’t had further thoughts on something to do with those characters. I’m not going to rule it out completely, because I may have an idea sooner or later, but it’s not on my mind.

      Thank you so much for the kind words! It’s greatly appreciated!

  2. Somebody

    Any date yet for when the paperback will come out? I have the others in paperback, and would want to wait to get this one until then.

  3. Alexandre Mendes

    Received the notification from Amazon that the book was available and it was mine a minute after.
    A day later and I’m ready for Good Intentions 5!

    Absolutely loved it, it was so nice to seen the gang back together after so long and to explore more of their backgrounds and their relationships. I hope we’ll see more of their adventures soon as I love this series and I hope this book sells really well.

    Also, mad respect for managing to use an Overwatch meme and have Rachel understand it, couldn’t stop laughing when I read that!

    1. Daniel

      You are talking about book 4 here right? Sorry. I’ve been looking for and and not been able to find book 4. Amazon is only showing it for audible or cd. I even went an hour out to look at our Barnes and Nobles store have not been able find it available in paperback. I would even be willing to buy it in a hardback.

  4. Trevor

    Loved the latest book, as always looking forward to the next!

    This book firmly established a trend that had always been in the back of my mind but never came together until a certain character pointed it out. Aside from Good Intentions, which was the intro, each novel has dealt with a threat or issue from one of the main characters’ past. Over the course of dealing with this and they grow as characters and confront their past traumas. They come out the other side “stronger” and more at peace with themselves. Natural Consequences was Alex’s book, Personal Demons pulled double duty with Lorelei and a bit Molly, and Past Due was Onyx’s time. Is this intentional or just a happy accident?

    If this trend continues it makes me excited for the next one, as Rachel is all that remains. If it doesn’t, I’m looking forward to where the series goes next. Having the conflicts be grounded in the characters’ past helped give some weight to it. In fact, my only criticism of Past Due is that there wasn’t enough Onyx. Without getting into it too much the antagonists felt a bit hallow, and I think the limited amount of conflict and interaction with her was part of it.

    Still loved the book and am looking forward to the next.

  5. Jaybird

    I loved this book as I have with the entire series, I have listened to the first two at lease 10 times, Tess Irondale is the best narrator. I really wish more authors would use her for their audio books. I hope that some day one of the entertainment companies will see what an awesome television show this would make.
    I have seen the comments about you being too political , those people need to take a step back, you don’t have to agree with everything in a story to enjoy it. A good story is a good story.
    One minor criticism you did hit us over the head pretty hard a couple of times with some very timely themes. Id did not stop me from enjoying the story and the characters, but in the first two books you were a little more subtle.
    You have created a very rich storytelling word, I can’t wait to see where you might take our (“insert group name here”) next.
    Best Wishes to You and Yours

    1. Lucky 9

      No jaybird I don’t think we need to step back. As a black person and former fan I find it extremely offensive that he thought it was ok to write the MC starting violence at a PEACEFUL protest of any kind! This is the kind of thing that incentives young people to go out and do the same. That is completely the opposite of what we want! We need PEACEFUL protests to change the peoples minds NOT VIOLENCE! This is only made worse by the fact that the MC and his friends gets of free while every other student who jumped in to help now have there lives ruined from charges that this MC started. This is a exact mirror to the real world we live in were rich people come in from out of town and start riots and leave the locals to get all the charges. This is exactly why I said he was to political in my review! I don’t think this was supposed to come off this way but because he didn’t think the ramifications completely through he has now driven off a entire community that would have normal ben allies.

      1. Elliott Kay Post author

        Hi Lucky 9,
        I’m generally reluctant to respond to criticism because I worry about the dogpile effect & such (and I hope no one else jumps in to argue with you here), but I chewed on this one for a bit after seeing it.
        You make a couple valid points. You raise a couple prospects that have played out in real life and bothered me, too. Also, I can’t tell anyone how to read my books or what to read into them. That’s part of being a writer.

        For the scene, I’ll say this much: I did not envision anyone among the university students getting into real trouble aside from the crew. That’s what I meant when Lorelei says of the city attorney, “Once they heard ‘Neo-Nazis,’ they knew where they wanted to stand.” I also don’t see the university punishing anyone else when Alex & company aren’t, nor do I see Alex and Lorelei leaving anyone else hanging while he gets out of trouble. That wouldn’t be the characters I’ve written or envisioned.
        But as I say, I can’t dictate how my books will be read or interpreted. Everyone comes in with their own frame of reference, and I respect that.

        As for the broader issue: I’m absolutely a believer in peaceful protests, and it’s about the only sort I’ve ever done. At the same time, I think dudes who throw out their fourteen words and fly swastikas aren’t going to be talked out of being assholes. I do see Nazi propaganda as violence, because that violence is the end goal. And especially given that the very first scene in the series is Alex dying after fighting Nazis and having those memories in his current life, I think him reacting this way is entirely in character.
        If I’ve lost you as a reader, I respect that, and for whatever it’s worth I respect your opinions and your complaints. Thank you for your time.

  6. Zion

    Are you still planning to release a paperback edition? Kind of wanna know if I’m wasting my time feverishly checking on a daily basis.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      It’s still on my agenda, but please don’t keep checking daily because it will likely be a while.
      I will send out notifications when it’s ready. If you want to be on my notifications list, please email me at Sorry about the delay.

  7. Michael Osobaye

    Are there any plans to expand Alex’s supernatural love interests in future books like a vampire and a werewolf (someone different than Diana obviously) in future books?

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I don’t want to sound wishy-washy, but that’s a case of “never say never,” I think? I definitely don’t have plans for anything serious.
      There are others with some obvious interest as of this new book. However, his love life is already a lot, y’know?

      I will say no to vampires or werewolves, though. As established in the earlier books, being an awful person is a prerequisite to either such transformation in this series. You’re not going to find a misunderstood or “good guy” vampire or a werewolf, because they wouldn’t be vampires or werewolves in the first place.

      1. Blonk

        Couldn’t the same be said about Demons? But you managed to write the excellent character that is Lorelie.

  8. Salvo

    I am really loving the audiobook versions of these books and they are really outstanding! Any news on when the next one is out?

  9. Somebody

    I hope a paperback is still planned for this. I’d like to read it, but I’m still waiting on the paperback… :/

  10. Daniel R Jones

    Will there be any paperback or hardback books of Past Due coming out soon? I have gotten caught up in the series and have really enjoyed it.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I clicked the last buttons on my Amazon dashboard just this morning! They tell me final approval can take up to 72 hours, but in my experience it’s less than that. As soon as I have confirmation of it being live in the store I’ll post and notify on all my channels. 🙂

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