Good Intentions IV: PAST DUE — Out June 2nd! Preorder Now!

Good Intentions IV: PAST DUE will be available in ebook and on Audible as of June 2nd! That’s less than a week away!
The preorder page for the ebook just went live!
Alex Carlisle owes a debt beyond cash. Once upon a time–all of three months ago–Alex found himself in a foreign land hunted by mercenaries and demon lords. Only the intervention of a sultry, playful jinn got him home again. Zafirah didn’t help him for free. Now she’s come to collect.

With her sights set on a dangerous family of ancient sorcerers, Zafirah needs every edge. She needs not only Alex, but the friends and lovers he brings with him. Her quest threatens to extract a price from angel, demon, and mortal alike… and most especially the witch who brought them all together.

WARNING: PAST DUE contains explicit sex, explicit violence, explicit expletives, murder, attempted murder, alley murder, mayhem, perfidy, piracy, necromancy, piratical necromancy, nudity, open relationships, polyamory, casual promiscuity, straight people, depictions of beings of divine and infernal nature bearing little or no resemblance to established religious canon, casual disrespect of vampires, elitism, explosions, classism, premarital sex, oral sex, shower sex, car sex, standing sex, chair sex, public sex, sex in a police station, international weapons trafficking, eavesdropping, lewd conduct at a border crossing, presumptuous hotel arrangements, historical revisionism, arson, defenestration, decapitation, drowning, demonstrations on a college campus without a permit, chemical warfare, breaking and entering, punching, kicking, stomping, stabbing, immolation, party sorcery, awkward confessions, veiled insults, open insults, Nazis, obscene wealth, panties, blasphemy, police brutality, impersonation of a licensed professional, mild erotic asphyxiation, multiple threesomes, conspiracy to commit swinging, grand larceny, underage drinking, unsafe operation of a marine vessel in Canadian waters, sexual harassment, kidnapping, raiding, destruction of private property, illegal discharge of firearms, soccer arguments, seduction, discrimination, reincarnation, pop culture references, generally rude behavior, mind control, robbery, questionable workplace relationship standards, crank calls, cultists, tentacle people, trespassing, concealed weaponry without permit, interrupted vacations, late payments, historical weirdness about penises, poor management techniques, party fouls, fraud, grandstanding, cell phone failure, surveillance, looting, gaslighting, nightclub jerks, a grumpy in-law, a megayacht, and the lizard people from beneath Los Angeles.
All characters are age eighteen or over.

I’ll refrain from pushing too many reminders, but I’ll at least send out another notice when the book goes live and possibly another if we get an Audible preorder page before then. In the meantime, if you’re interested in preordering the ebook, now’s your chance!
Paperbacks will be a bit delayed because of formatting needs, but the ebook and Audible will be out next week!
And I’ve got more coming soon!

7 thoughts on “Good Intentions IV: PAST DUE — Out June 2nd! Preorder Now!

  1. Ben

    Huzzah! I just finished Personal Daemons so will be very excited when the paperback of this drops.

    Any rough timeline of when that will be?

  2. Min

    Nice, ordered and waiting. Thanks for all your hard work! May you and yours be safe and well.

  3. imdanield

    Just by serendipity I have been re-reading the series, I just finished book 2 and will be starting on book 3 today. That makes the timing for book 4 perfect! 🙂

  4. John Humpton

    I noticed that the option to add the Audible book to a Kindle purchase at a reduced Audible price is not available for “Past Due” as it was for many of your other books. Has Amazon ended this option? (I love your books and I love Tess Irondale’s narration; the Kindle-Audible bundle made getting both an easy decision. )

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