Updates: Next Poor Man’s Fight Is Coming Soon!

So because SOMEBODY on Facebook pushed for an update (I’m not naming names…):

I’m closing in on finishing up the rough draft for the next Poor Man’s Fight novel. Tanner Malone is finally in college like he always wanted… which goes about as well for him as you might expect.

Assassins. Mercenaries. More pirates. And oh yeah, his xenoarchaeology professor is kind of a jerk.

This one also involves a whole lotta aliens. So on that IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven’t read NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS, which is essentially Poor Man’s Fight 2.5*, you’re really gonna want to pick that up before this comes out!

(*Yes, it’s listed on Amazon as PMF 4. They won’t let me put in a 2.5 in their numbering system. Alas.)

The working title is Last Man Out, though that’s not set in stone (nor is anything else, really). Cover art is in the works and I’ve only got a couple of chapters to go. Then it’s time for revisions, edits, etc. I’m hoping to have this out sometime in March, but maybe April depending on how all that goes.

As for Good Intentions, I have a few chapters written for the next installment. There will be a Good Intentions 4, but as I’m only sorta started on it now I have no projections for when it’ll be done. I have a couple of other projects that might take off first (including a Good Intentions-like space opera), but the series is definitely not done.

Anyway, I’m hoping to have the next novel for Tanner done in a month or two. Take care!

21 thoughts on “Updates: Next Poor Man’s Fight Is Coming Soon!

  1. I_F

    Woo, that’s great to hear!

    Thanks a lot for the news, looking forward to it. 🙂

    (Also still hoping you at some point do a story/series set in a more technologically primitive/medieval fantasy time, to get the trinity of past/present/future stories, ala Aphrodite’s Reward. Or just continue that ;), I really want to know what Prince Alaric gets up to)

    But excited about whatever you’ve got coming for us!

  2. SiFiDoc

    Always look forward to both releases – the print version
    and the audio. Read first, and then listen to the narrator
    who almost turns it into a new book, directing attention to
    aspects I’ve ignored.

    1. Paul Schmidt

      Good news! I enjoy both series a lot! If pushed I would say the Good intentions series is my favorite, but it would be a close call! Both are well written and entertaining fiction! Thank you for the time and effort you put into your writing and I look forward to reading your next books!

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I’m certainly going to pitch this to Audible in hopes they pick it up. They’ve produced all my other books so far but it’s not something I ever take for granted. The ebook and paperback versions will definitely be coming out before the audio version, however.

  3. James B

    I’ve read every book you’ve written (several times, actually) and, to this day, I’m amazed you don’t have more readers. Everything you’ve put out so far has been fantastic and engaging and you’re one of the very few authors I actually consistently check book progress on (The only other one currently is Sanderson).

    You have a remarkable way of telling a story. The culmination of Darren Mills? The quick stories of crewmen during the “final” battle in Rich Man’s War? Alex’s past lives? All fantastic and extremely well done. Your style may be more straightforward than a lot of the more traditional sci-fi/fantasy, I find it refreshing, fun and easy to read. Not every author needs to average 2.9 syllables per word to tell a remarkable story and give their words and books depth and meaning.

    So I love these updates! My only wish is the updates would come with more consistency. While I understand the creative process enough to know you can’t really rush a good book, I think keeping your readers up to date would be manageable.

    That said, great stuff. From your Twitter, you seem like an awesome dude too. Keep it up!

  4. Giant phat grumpy guy

    Thanks for the update on Tanner’s adventures, I would also like to see a continuation of Aphrodite’s Reward at some point.

    Much more Tanner Malone Arse-Kickery please.

    I’m Australian that’s how we spell Arse, non of this Ass bullshit.

  5. Kris Brown

    Are Tanner and Alex in the same universe? If so is it theoretically possible Alex is still alive and Could meet Tanner one day? Just a fun thought.

  6. Rocky Bowers

    Thank you so much!! The Tanner series really is my favorite scifi book series, it just barely beats out the Honor Harrington series, that’s how much I enjoy it

  7. chris gist

    Ok so its been about a month since you announced that “Last Man Out” is coming soon. How about a teaser chapter or cover art. When Dead Man’s Debt came 2 years ago i was going on a cruise just as it was supposed to be released. I had to download it on the cruise ship. Did you ever try to download a book from Amazon while suffering the effects of Demon Rum. LOL but it was worth it. Will I have do that again this cruise? Chris

  8. Rehcra

    I just finished rereading PMF series. For some weird reason I had been under the impression that Lauren was secretly Lori; but that doesn’t really make sense now. Should I already know what happened to Lauren or is that something that will only become clearer over time?


    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I think it’s pretty solid for sometime in April. I have a couple components that require me to give other people time to do things and I’d rather not pressure them, but I don’t imagine it will take that much longer. Beta reads have gone well and I’m excited to release.

  9. Jerzy Baranowski

    I’ve just read the first book in the series, and Sir, you have a fan for life 🙂

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Working on the next novel now!
      Don’t ask me when it’ll be done. I don’t do projections. It’s just disappointment for everyone. But yes, another novel will happen.

      1. Francheska Cox

        Shoot. Are we there yet?
        I sort of complied. I think that may have been my 3rd time listening/reading the series. Apparently I’ve continued Tanners story in my head, because I thought there was a whole nuther book, but I couldn’t remember how it ended…. Now I know why.

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