I have submitted the manuscript for PMF #3: Dead Man’s Debt to my editor at Skyscape.

This in no way means it has been accepted, put on a calendar, or fully finished. It may require revisions. It may require big cuts. I’ll have to wait and see. But it’s a significant point of progress for anyone keeping score at home. It’s also a milestone for me, because this is the first time I’ve submitted an original work directly to an editor.

For what it’s worth, there has hardly been a day in the last…oh god, I can’t remember how long it’s been, but any day that I’ve been home, I’ve put work in on this book or one of the others. The re-launch of books 1 & 2 and the audio editions of my other works have been a slight distraction, but at 172,000 words after revisions and beta reads and all the rest, it has been a lot of work.

It’s also important (for me, at least) to remember how much of that work involves world-building; I had to consider whether or not everything made sense and was internally consistent. That’s much easier in my other books, where I can just say “Seattle” or “motorcycle” or “restaurant” and everyone easily knows what I mean. When it comes to a far-future spacefaring society, I feel like the default is that things will stay the same–people still make movies and rock music and go on dates–but I have to at least stop and ask myself at each step if this makes sense and whether or not it’s worth it to describe the future-versions of these things for the reader. Often, the answer is no, but the writer still has to ask and answer that question.

Anyway. Manuscript done, submitted, and presumably in the review queue. I shall now return to my indie urban fantasy short-storying…with some hopefully understandable breaks for Fallout 4, because the post-apocalyptic wasteland isn’t gonna save itself, yo.

19 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Lamson

    Excellent news! Looking forward to more of Tanner’s adventures.

    And even better news, more Alex and co.!

  2. Peter

    This is great news, and I can’t wait until the process is over and the book is in my hands. Or in the electronic device in my hands, I’m not picky.

    I bought both books for my library’s collection, and they recently finished processing and landed on the shelves. Poor Man’s Fight got checked out just a couple of days ago, and I have no doubt the patron will go on to check out Rich Man’s War. I think the books will definitely find an audience with the patrons in my area, so I’m sure this is the beginning of a lovely relationship.

    But yeah, go play Fallout 4. I can’t wait to get home and start playing myself. Thank God I have tomorrow off.

  3. Will

    Excellent new. Thanks for the update. Here’s hoping that the changes are minimal and the book can come out quickly.

    I guess I never thought of what went into creating a fantasy environment. Thanks for making sure that yours is consistent.

  4. Jason C.

    Big fan of these two books. I just finished “Rich Man’s War” last night. Excited to hear that the sequel is already well underway.

    You obviously take on some old themes (war and the military) and some complex, modern themes (debt and institutional disadvantage and powerlessness in the face of a well organized system that seems built specifically to ensure most people don’t get ahead) and how different people all deal with their place in that system. All of these themes touch on issues that are very important and seem to have a major place in our society.

    How good did it feel to have Tanner back a tank over the NorthStar building? Loved that part. Anywhere you wouldn’t mind parking a tank in real life?

  5. Marv Bishop

    I have enjoyed all of your books; especially the two with Tanner. I have waited nearly two years for third book and I am excited that it is close to being published. Your use of decorations for heroism is especially noteworthy, many authors do not realize the tradition or significance.

    1. David-2

      Speaking of decorations, I found the bloodstripes to be very interesting. Are they modelled after some actual decoration of some actual military unit?

      1. Elliott Kay Post author

        As far as their purpose goes, the US military has things like combat action badges and ribbons for people who have been in combat. I kind of took that a step further by making it part of a “work” uniform (the vac suit) like fatigues on a day to day basis. I’ve heard of “bloodstripes” as a fashion highlight (if that’s the term?), but I wouldn’t know what if anything it’s meant to represent.

        1. Eric Anderson

          USMC have bloodstripes on all nco/co service and dress uniforms in remembrance of the battle for Montezuma. 90% casualties in the commissioned/noncommissioned officer ranks.

  6. Steve Powers

    Love your books, I use your name and the Good Intentions books to search Amazon for “like books” in hopes o finding other wacky, er um, talented authors that I can revel in. I have read all of your books even the newest with the novellas. Loved it. The last one with Alex could have been a middle chapter in the next book easily. I did notice though that Fantasticfiction’s website “” was remiss in the Good Intentions selections but strangely they were carrying the “Days of High Adventure” and the 2 “Tanner” books. Thought you should know. I’m also pushing my library to carry the in paperback when they are available down heah in da bible belt. So PMF3 is in the publisher’s hands or possibly by the time this epic is finished ( I don’t know how you do it) you will already have it back and are ready to release it tonight. Ya, I figured that might have been a little wishfull thinking. Soon, heh heh heh….

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Hi Steve,

      PMF #3 is in my editor’s hands. We’ll see what she has to say about it when she has a chance to review it. As for more recent stuff, you might want to check the most recent post on this blog. Turns out I released something just yesterday. 🙂

  7. John Snow

    Just finished Natural Consequences. Gotta say, killed my geek fantasy about Lorelei. Major turnoff! Just don’t rub her other affair’s in our faces in book 3. Still … you are my favorite author. Last warning! Please!!! (with tears)

  8. chris

    Elliott, It’s a New Year and I’m hoping that book 3 is close to being published. Any news or maybe art that will give us a preview of it. After reading chapter 1, I see tanner still has no love life please tell me he has a romance in his future it seems with all the trials and truths he will face he needs a little relief. My standard disclaimer always applies to what I write. “You have more writing talent in your little finger than I do in my whole body”. Also I like Neil Diamond and John Denver’s music!!! Chris

  9. Alex

    Any news from the editor for PMF#3? Looking forward to the next book. Awesome job on the first 2.

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