NEW RELEASE! “Life in Shadows” Is Now Available!

I have a new book out!
Life in Shadows collects three novellas & one novelette from the cast of Good Intentions!

All it takes is a single brush with the supernatural to change a life forever.

Some choose the path of magic and shadow willingly. Others never see the hand of magic as it shapes their fortunes. They face the extraordinary with nothing but courage and wits to guide them. Some mortals become trapped in the conflict between angels and demons and find themselves forever changed.

For all too many, the shadows lead only to an untimely end. For some, however, the shadows offer seductive experiences that draw the newcomer further in…

Life in Shadows collects four stories set in the world of Good Intentions, where one encounter with sorcerers, demons, or a foul-mouthed servant of Heaven is all it takes to turn the world upside down.

Warning: Life in Shadows contains explicit violence, extended explicit sex scenes, explicit karaoke, profanity, rampant nudity, assault, murder, breaking and entering, belligerent urban wildlife, premeditated sexual promiscuity, vehicular assault, reckless endangerment, attempted kidnapping, attempted robbery, attempted ritual demonic possession, blatant violation of state regulations of adult entertainment, punching, kicking, cutting, stabbing, shooting, hair-pulling, name-calling, slut-shaming, cheap Halloween costumes, strippers, hipsters, poseurs, police, personal calls while on duty, arson, destruction of private property, lingerie, war criminals, break-up text messaging, lesbian demon seduction, accusations of Mary Suedom, poor workplace morale, premarital sex, nude calisthenics, immolation, false identification, ruthless exploitation of personal beauty, unsafe crowd control standards, vertigo, destruction of evidence, elitism, racism (don’t worry, he dies), open relationships, workplace scapegoating, adult use of plumbing implements, fantasy depictions of witchcraft and paganism, at least one reincarnated ancient European warlord, and a girl-on-girl grenade fight.

All characters are over the age of 18, except the aforementioned reincarnation of an ancient European warlord. That gets sketchy.

Note: will produce an audiobook version. I cannot give you a projected release date yet, but I signed the contract this morning. Additionally, while I’m not making any guarantees on her part, I’ve spoken with Tess Irondale about it and she’s interested in coming back for this book.
Another Note: If you’re wondering about the next book in the Poor Man’s Fight series, I can tell you that my editor received the manuscript for book three a couple weeks ago. We’ll see what she says!
Thank you so much for your continued interest and support!

34 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE! “Life in Shadows” Is Now Available!

  1. ChaosDancer

    Hey mate, just went out and bought it sight unseen 🙂

    Wish it was 10 times as big so i will have something to read for a few days or so but i will made do for couple of hours. Can’t wait for the next malone book. Any chance will come this month? Anyways 5 in the morning here so sleep and i will read it tomorrow morning. Pizza and this book cant wait 😛

  2. Dusty

    Bought it immediately. Thank you. A bit disappointed that it was in part stories I’ve read before- but I guess they’re now on my kindle too and happy to support your writing.

  3. Peter

    Fantastic! Just bought it, but I have to finish Pratchett’s last book before I read it. You’re good, man, but you’re not “put down Pratchett half read” good. I’m not sure anyone’s that good.

    Just out of curiosity, is there a reason this new one isn’t showing up with your other books on your Amazon page? It’s the first result when you search your name, but I wrongly assumed that was a book by another author, since those come up in the search too.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Okay, I’ll grant that I’m not “put down Terry Pratchett” good, but it’s not like you have to say that to my face in front of everyone… 😉

      Not sure why it hasn’t linked up yet. Usually that only takes a couple of days. I’m running down customer service now.

      1. Peter

        Dude, don’t be insulted. I’d say that to Shakespeare, Barry Hughart and Lois McMaster Bujold, too.

        And then I’d run, ’cause I hear Bujold has a temper and a mean right hook.

  4. Sean

    Very happy to find this, was hoping to see more Alex and company and this came faster than I was expecting given how popular Tanner’s stuff is going.

    I will never get enough of the urban fantasy though. So I hope you’re not done with them yet 🙂

      1. Rehcra

        If you added a maniacal laugh this statement, from an author, couldn’t be any more villainous.

        And Sean doesn’t even know what he might have just help unleash. The next time something horrible happens to Alex I blame YOU Sean!

  5. Hashif Darman

    i found this nice post on facebook and just want to share it with you. don’t know how to reach you there aside from writing on your wall so i decided to just leave it here : (here is the link but i don’t know if its working : here is the content :

    Hijab in Austin, December 2015

    When the French gov informed the world that it was ISIS who was responsible for the terror attack, I was like, “Oh no….” Then last week, the San Bernardino shootings happened, “Noooo!!!” These events eventually lead to the anti-muslim statement by he-who-is-even-more-evil-than-Lord Voldermort (according to JKR). And here I am in Austin, Texas, wearing my hijab that make people recognize me as a muslimah in an instant. I felt uneasy during my first few days here that I wore a beanie in addition to my hijab. But then I wanted to look myself again and took the beanie off, left the hijab as is. Because of hijab, these things happened to me:

    Dec 6: grocery shopping at HEB supermarket at Mueller. It was pretty crowded, people lined up on all check out counters. I was busy chatting with my husband & son, when I realized that a handsome young man on the line next to us was smiling the whole time. When our eyes met, I realized that he was smiling at me. I was not sure how to react, but I remembered once my son told me that Texans were super friendly people, so I started to smile back at him, hesitantly. That was when I heard him saying, “Assalaamu’alaykum.” I was taken aback, but replied right away to my new brother, “Wa’alaykumsalaam..” with a big smile

    Dec 10: looking for some fruit at Whole Food Market at The Galleria, Bee Caves. I was at the cashier when I noticed a lady with a rather stern face barking orders to the employees there. I assumed she was the store manager. I was leaving the cashier and my husband was already a few feet ahead with the groceries when that lady manager was suddenly walking on my left side, put her right hand on my right shoulder (almost hugging me), showing her handphone screen to me, and said, “Can you read this for me, please?” I was startled but decided to read the text anyway. Guess what was written there? ‘Asalamu alaykum’ [sic]. When I uttered the words and looked at her with a puzzled yet relief look on my face (because of what I witnessed earlier, I thought she was going to say something unpleasant), she said with a smile, “Yes, for you.” So, I asked her, “Do you know what this sentence means?” She nodded and said, “Peace be upon you.” Yaa Allah, peace be upon you too, nice lady…

    ‪#‎I‬ wish I took a picture with her

    Dec 11: another trip to the supermarket to get something for breakfast tomorrow, this time to Whole Food at Research Boulevard. I was looking at those yummy stuff at the bakery area when a lady approached me, smiling and said, “Assalaamu’alaykum.” Another nice suprise!! She was not a muslimah for sure since she was wearing a cross. This lady, Francesca Wigle, is a 3rd order franciscan, which according to her means that she is an episcopalian following St. Francis’ teaching as an ordinary follower, not the one living the life of a nun. We told each other a little about ourselves, she was beaming & saying, “Oh this is so exciting!!” (talking to a muslimah, I suppose). She was not happy with the news about islamophobia in the US that according to her made all Americans look like muslim haters, while actually only a handful were. The situation is exactly like ours, in which all muslims were to be blamed for those crimes against humanity done by a few. Anyway, we exchanged email address, took a picture that she agreed to be posted in my fb account, and learned new things. She only knew today the meaning of assalaamu’alaykum (she thought it was a reminder about muslim’s duties to God) and was ecstatic to inform me that in her religion they said “Pace e Bene” to each other. It’s Italian and literally means ‘peace and all good.’

    When we were ready to part ways, she asked if it was ok for her to hug me. But of course, and hugging me tight, she whispered, “Pace e Bene, Adrya.”

    Maasyaa Allah, because of my hijab, muslims as well as non muslims pray for me in this side of the world, alhamdulillah. The world may have people with bad attitudes, bad mouths, and bad intentions toward other human beings, but insyaa Allah it has a lot more people who respect those of different faiths and races and just want to live together in peace. Peace lovers, let’s unite, may peace be upon us all…

  6. Andy

    Any chance Life in the Shadows or Days of High Adventure will be available in epub format for those of us with Nooks? I bought Good Intentions and Natural Consequences somewhere other than the B&N site but cannot remember where so I could check there. Thanks. I love your stuff. Especially the urban fantasy stories about Alex and the gang. Edit. I found the smash words link on Literotica. Do you think that you will make It’s Legal on Other Planets into novel collection and add more to it?

    1. Gary V

      Andy, you can always use Calibre ( to convert formats, although you need to have a DRM free book to do it. I don’t know if Elliott’s books are DRM free or not, since I read them on my Kindle. Or google Apprentice Alf.

  7. Joe

    Is there a reason Ms. Irondale might not do the reading? She’s not anti girl-on-girl grenade fighting, is she?

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Oh as far as I know she’s doing this one, but I don’t want anyone thinking that words like “promise” or “swear” or “contract” have been involved.

        1. Elliott Kay Post author

          Working on it! Life in Shadows is in the pipeline. I should be talking to CreateSpace on Monday or Tuesday about formatting. Sorry for the wait!

  8. Rehcra

    I had a weirdly hard time identifying the cover also. Just looking at it didn’t work; I had to logically compare Onyx’s description before the obviousness of it hit me like seeing a really good looking woman’s Adam’s Apple. Weirdly disturbing how I couldn’t see Onyx before.


    1. Dusty

      Reread this waiting on dead mans debt and came here to see if there were any new comments… I had the same reaction to the cover art – took me a second and not at all how I pictured her. But… It fits the description and honestly younger and more attractive than I’d envisioned her. And here I thought I had some insight because I pictured the pirate Capt. as the bar owner in Deadwood before Elliot said it.

      Ps because I know you read these comments- you’ve taken some heat for Lorelei’s actions near the end of natural consequences and I’ve never had the opportunity to say this and will try to do so without spoiling- But I cheered- she was in a situation where it was necessary, and naturally her enjoyment wasconsistentwith the character.
      PPS perhaps my first comment onthis thread was unfair. I do think “it’s legal on other planets” is a great concept and deserves some attention. The deep friendship with a twinge of unobtainable jealousy/longing is kind of unique for a theme. It’s something you’ve explored a bit in the tanner trilogy but is one of the primary themes in that story. Can’t wait for the new book to come out!

  9. David Austin

    Just read it twice….loved it. Lot’s of cool stuff about my favorite characters,
    We got to spend more quality sexy time with Lorelei which was fun. Really enjoyed “Halloween for Life”.
    I realized that we never got to find out what happened to Donald!…it should be something REALLY unpleasant.
    I love the way you combine love with sex ….really hot…like redemption…love that line 🙂
    I always end up buying your books in all three formats…they are so good.
    Thanks for your fantastic books. I rate you alongside Lois McMaster Bujold, and I’m a big fan of hers.

  10. Rehcra

    How have you found having an editor so far? Dead Man’s Debt being the first book your going the full process with, I was just wondering how it was going and what it was like so far.


  11. Oyinda

    MORE, MORE, MORE I need more of Lorelei, Rachel, and Alex. Please give me more books. Oh BTdubs just ordered paperbacks of other books cus I already had ebooks and audiobooks. LOVE THIS SERIES.

  12. zaolar


    Just finished reading “life in Shadows”. Like it except “Halloween for Life”. Why? Because there was no balance in the story. Shannon got powers from succubus Serena by mistake. She become augmented mortal and is immediately warned by Rachel to not use her powers. And what? She did it anyway, but there are no consequences to warning. Questions are: Shannon was propably good person and had heavenly protection. So where was her guardian angel? He/she didn’t have anything to add? What about angel of cop Kevin? She used unnatural power to seduce someone with good soul and heaven protection. Again no reaction? Next is visit by Rachel and Lorelei. Again there are no restrictions. Whats more, there are encouragements. No taking things slowly and control things. No. Urges must take control. And they are not Shannon’s urges, but Serena’s. It’s like difference between controlling pain and when pain controls you and make you spasm. In my opinion when Rachel says that Shannon is in control, it’s not true at all. It’s other way around. Rachel the librarian and her knowledge? What a joke. And whats next? Rachel instead of advising exorcisms and destroying Serena’s spirit forever – like it was done in “Good Intentions” to some other demon – dooms Shannon and her future “victims” to lustful behavior that was earlier reserved only for some damned or unprotected souls. And now we have same thing done to protected humans by Shannon’s unnatural power without protest from heaven? Only good point now that it’s still without killing. But how fast this doom train rushes propably it will not be for long. Lorelei also without testing Shannon’s first immediately fast school her how to loose herself in sin even faster without protest from Rachel or other angels. Yeap. Fast speed to become pseudo-succubus is best way to handle things. And then action before entrance to the club and Shannon’s behavior and her indignation about snarky comments of her slutty costume. Well, she is a slut. Her slutty wardrobe is like an outside badge to her currently slutty mind, slutty soul ans slutty behavior. She got in here to seduce some victim for her own goals without any real prior consent from other side. Similar to Lorelei and probably this women in schoolgirl outfit. They all didn’t wear their costumes just to look good or just to flirt. They outfitted themselves to do some super slutty deeds. And they dare to be outraged about it? That’s are thoughts of good person Shannon seems to be and in full control of her thinking? Don’t think so. I really think that rarely there is a woman in the world that wears slutty outfit that is only use to look good and not as a tool to get advantage over others or to do slutty deeds when need for this arises. And it’s not bad. Just be honest about it. So it would be good as balance to take this moment to put some brakes on her head. But what we got there? It’s totally reversed and Shannon and her inappropriate outfit wins again. Well, I don’t think that voicing those comments by group aloud was OK. Still some discouragements to embracing her powers would be good balance to the story. Glad that she seems to have slight self-doubt for a second or two, but it’s to little and to week I think. And later another victim. He really can think things through? No. His feelings are not his will. Urges he feels are used to brake his will (that’s a definition to succubus curse). He had maybe a second or two for clear decision and it’s after he was hit by curse. Give him break. Let him think. Anyway… Again no angel to protest? Where are they all? Finally at the end Rachel tells her to not play with hearts. Heaven don’t give a f**k about unnatural seduction? Wow? She already influenced victims hearts by using seduction and urges. Yeah. Free will and thinking clearly. What a joke. No one shot her down even once through entire story. No one seduced her. It was other way around. So it was fair from both sides? No. Whole thing was unnatural. So even one angel to the rescue would be good. Also whole thing is good to her soul? Well, I don’t think so. Or is she doomed from the start just by receiving Serena’s power? Anyway, if she will be used in some future story, I think she and her self-embracing of Serena’s power should be put down hard. That would give her needed balance. Otherwise I think she’s lost for path to become pure-blooded succubus herself. I wouldn’t mind all this above (accepting urges and speed of all that) if she as human wasn’t good person or her victims wasn’t of heaven protected kind. But they are, so I can call this particular story only as bad one.

    1. zaolar

      Last thing. Like in main stories where vampire curse is blocked when heaven protected humans are drained of their blood in this case haven actually should gave a f**k and blocked all influences made by demonic curse (which is worse then vampiric) when target have guarding angel. If she wants to seduce such person – OK. But only by natural means. So if he wants to use a condom, no influencing works and she needs to persuade him by mundane means – even if using condom is unnecessary. Would be fair and gave her a sign that there are some borders she don’t understand and her influence have some unknown limit. Like I said, didn’t liked progression of this story.

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