NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS is out now! Cover art by the amazing Julie Dillon!


The Union of Humanity exists only because the aliens demanded it. After a hundred different treaties and countless broken promises, mankind’s powerful neighbors forced humanity into a common defense and a single diplomatic voice. Yet within the Union’s borders, the human race is as fractious as ever. When the star system of Archangel is invaded by the three greatest corporations in human space, the Union is powerless to intervene.

Corporal Alicia Wong thrives on the front lines. She doesn’t like the war, but she likes the challenges and the clear-cut goals. She likes knowing who her friends and enemies are, too. Yet after uncovering evidence of alien contact in violation of Union laws, Alicia finds herself in a world of espionage and covert missions. Before it’s all over, her choices may change the course of Archangel’s war—and humanity’s future.

NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS serves as a stand-alone novel OR as part of the Poor Man’s Fight series. It’s listed on Amazon as book 4 to keep it in series, though in continuity it takes place immediately after RICH MAN’S WAR, making it book 2.5.
The audiobook is in the works. Audible has expressed interest in doing an audio edition, so I’m only waiting on a contract.
Next project up will be Tanner’s next novel.
As always, thank you so much for all your support!

15 thoughts on “New Book! NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS

  1. Sean

    Sweet a new book. I know what I’m doing this weekend. I just finished listening to Dead Man’s Debt for the 8th or 9th time and picked up on a number of things that I missed every other time, pain in the left shoulder, good job on building up on that one.

    One thing that I hope you put in for book 4/5 (whatever comes after Dead Man’s Debt) is that you give us the reactions of Tanner’s friends including Jeneka and Admiral Yo to Tanner’s adventure in Yuriel Shipyards. I really want to hear/read about that.

  2. Paul Schmidt

    I enjoyed the story, but must admit I missed TANNER! Looking forward to the next book where he features as the main character.

  3. Josh

    Hey really looking forward to reading this one, but it isn’t available on yet? The suspense is killing me!

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      It’s not? Ack!

      I definitely set it to sell across all Amazon sites. It hasn’t linked up to my author page yet, though, so maybe they do that stuff all at once. I’ll look into it on Monday!

  4. Blah Blahsinger

    Congratulations on the release. Poor Man’s Fight is one of my favorite universes. Hope you find the inspiration and financial rewards to keep em’ coming.

  5. Jeff

    Excited to read an extension to the stories ‘secret missions’. Take my sincere “BZ” from one Coastie to another. May the Resolute ever sail…Fama Extendere Factis.

    Semper P

  6. Fred

    at the risk of echoing another commenters thoughts elsewhere on this blog, are there any more stores involving Tanner Malone planned?

  7. Jamil Dawsari

    New to your work and I’ve enjoyed all four of your Poor Man books immensely. I’m a teacher and thus have very little free time during the school year. So, I have to both thank you for giving me a welcome respite from the day-to-day and curse you for tempting me away from grading another student essay. In that vein, I suppose I should start your Good Intentions series…*sigh*

    Curse you, Kay. Bless you, Kay.

    All the best.


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