Human Garbage.

The most amazing thing about Trump is his consistency. He is utterly vile about EVERYTHING.
His every appearance is awful. Every decision is terrible. His every act as commander in chief is moronic at best and, more often than not, hateful as well. Today is no different. I woke up to discover he has decided to fling his transphobia at the military for no good reason. Accepting qualified people who meet the military’s standards and agree to its code matters less to him than scoring points with bigots and giving him someone else to beat up on.
This dude cannot even speak to the Boy Scouts without disgracing himself and the office of the president.
It’s been six months. By now, he should have at least accidentally done some good. He should have at least stumbled into doing the right thing in some capacity by virtue of making mistakes. Yet he hasn’t even managed that.
And then there’s all that obvious treason lying around.
Six months. Six months in office, and so far his only real accomplishment has been a consistent display of human garbage.

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  1. Timothy

    Couldn’t, sadly, agree more. This administration and the embarrassment to what this country is supposed to stand for it causes on a daily basis… Gah.
    I have a friend transitioning who is ex-military, a gay friend who is the father to three wonderful adopted children, and a gay daughter. I worry for them, and for all of us who love and value the people these… erm… erg… individuals are a real danger to.
    On a more pleasant note, listening to GOOD INTENTIONS again for the 4th time since I discovered your books in Feb. Kinda a little in love with Tess by this point, and wanted to say thanks for the pleasure of your writing.

  2. John

    Sorry but I disagree. The military is already not getting enough money to preform maintenance with all of the congressional boondoggles they have to spend money on. With the recent court decision the military would be forced to pay for transgender operations for its soldiers. If the military had the money, maybe, but first stop cannibalizing planes and trucks, and fix the VA. Then you can consider funding sex change operations as a perk of military service, despite the social issues in military culture.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      This has already been studied. Medical support for transgender servicepeople would cost, at the highest estimate, eight million dollars a year. That’s not even a drop in the bucket for the US defense budget. It’s a drop in an Olympic swimming pool. If you know anything about the military procurement system, you know that money can be pulled from any number of useless, wasteful programs. People in uniform get full medical benefits as part of the deal for joining up. That’s the way it goes. If they can meet the requirements of the job, if they perform to standards and they’re willing to commit like everyone else, they absolutely deserve that support.

      And frankly, yes, the VA should be fixed. Absolutely. Both of these things should be done. Arguing the flaws of one does not justify the harm done to another.

      1. carl

        Its very hard even imagining anyone saying the military does not have enough funding for — anything. According to the CBO – About one-sixth of federal spending goes to national defense. When someone says that we can’t afford national health care, this is the stat that one should look at – even tho that phrase about health care is a misnomer. If Greece, Spain, Italy and – yes, Iraq – can have national single payer health care, than we can afford it too.

        One can only assume the poster is a devote of that epic source of mis-information and out right Lies, Fox news. Elliot is quite correct. Outside the blinders of the Fox news reality / bubble, that story has been as debunked as the President Obama not have the long-form of his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii (Hawaii does not have the long-form of the birth certificate).

        I would strongly recommend to the gentleman to consider this video done by Stephan Fry on Cognitive Bias : I can assure you sir, with all respect, that you will find it very illuminating. This is why the right is so certain of its facts, even when their fallacies are point blank pointed out. All the best to you and your family.

    2. stn

      I think military have enough problems beside to deal with people with mental disorders like gender dysphoria. As an example, people with transgender dysphoria have 41% rate of suicide attempts. The question is… do you want to put this type “solders” in a harms way?!….. they are already represent danger to themselves.

      1. Elliott Kay Post author

        Might consider that high suicide rate is because of how transgender people are treated in this society. I’m not sure where you got that figure, but I guarantee you whatever the figure is it would drop substantially if transgender people were treated with equal respect and provided equal opportunities to cisgendered people. Like being able to serve in the military.

  3. Mark

    The Democrats don’t give a crap about America… the Republicans don’t know there are Americans, (or anyone else for that matter… they couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a map!), and the establishment in Washington is throwing a tantrum because someone outside of their circle has made it into power. Our government is doing it’s level best to destroy itself and comments like yours just plays into the mindless partisanship that is helping them do it. America needs to come together IN SPITE of the loser leaders we have in Washington. Instead we sit back and snipe at each other from the safety of our keyboards. It is so easy to sit back and bitch but until we all get together and tell these clowns to govern properly or get out we are as culpable as they are…

    1. Robin


      You can say the answer is that we should tell the “clowns to govern properly. Unfortunately, each side has a different idea of what “properly” means:

      One side wants to cash in on a crazy president and take healthcare away, gut medicare, and privatize Social Security — and give all the ducets to the billionaires as tax breaks — while leaving a few generations so deep in student loan debt that they’ll be slaves to paying it off for decades.

      The other side? The other side doesn’t want to do any of that, but I can see your confusion. Both parties are clearly the same.

      Decisions, decisions.

      1. Mark

        Typical… They are the problem but we are perfect. THAT is why there is no discourse in this country. No one is perfect Robin. Both sides are corrupt. You can turn a blind eye to your party’s problems if you like but it will not help anyone.

          1. Mark

            Spoken like a true believer. Until both parties start working for the common good instead of their own good we citizens will pay the price. Ignoring this fact will only exacerbate the problem.

  4. Steve

    Damn it, I just wanted to know when Good Intentions 4 is going to be out. Instead I’m reading about everybody’s crappy opinions(don’t feel bad, mine sucks too).

  5. daniel

    Seriously, hate to break it to ya but no one really gives a crap about your opinions on these political and identity group issues. And the one or two that do already share the same opinion anyway.

    The truth is you are a book monkey. Your job is to write books for us and if they are decent enough we give you money for them. That’s all.

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