Multiple Announcements and Important Things!

Hi all,

Welcome to the new site! I’m very happy with it. After some consideration, I decided things had outgrown the old Blogspot address. I’m still working on importing all of my old comments over, but from here on out, all my news & such will come from this page!

AND ON THAT NOTE! Days of High Adventure is now available on! If you’ve ever wanted a lovely voice to read one of my stories to you, your wait is over! Tess Irondale has done a wonderful job of narrating Days — and Good Intentions and Natural Consequences are also in the pipeline!

The other big news that will hopefully have you checking back here later is this:  Poor Man’s Fight is scheduled for its re-release under Amazon’s Skyscape imprint next week! As of this writing, the release date is June 16th, with Rich Man’s War to follow two weeks later. Hopefully I’ll have more awesome news to share with you on that soon.

In the meantime, take care, and thank you for reading…and now, for those of you who prefer the option, thank you for listening!

9 thoughts on “Multiple Announcements and Important Things!

  1. Will

    Sounds good and the new site looks very clean. Did you ever find out if those of us who bought the ebook would have to repurchase or would our copy update? You may have answered this in a comment on your old site that I missed.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Will, unfortunately readers who want the new version will have to purchase it rather than there being any electronic updates, refunds, etc.

      I will say that if you’re following the story, the ONLY truly significant difference is that the new versions change Allison’s name to Madelyn. That was done because there were simply too many “A”-named women, and it was a choice I made at the copy editor’s suggestion. The Skyscape version went through a professional copy edit, so it reads a bit cleaner, but the story is in no way altered. (Also, the paperback version has a different size & paper texture to it than the previous paperbacks.) I’m sorry if this is a disappointment, but if nothing else, you won’t be missing out on much more than some cleaned-up typos & grammatical fixes if you pass on the new version.
      (This comment partially brought to you by cutting & pasting from other posts. No worries — I’m sure a lot of people will ask the same.)

      1. KADbIK

        So in the third book Allison will become Madelyn, too? Won’t it confuse old readers?

        1. Elliott Kay Post author

          Yeah, it’s a possibility. Book three will likely have a cast list in the opening pages, and I’ll make sure there are plenty of contextual clues when she turns up again. (Madelyn-was-Allison will definitely be in book three.)

  2. Michael

    ‘Important things’ in this announcement, perhaps, but not *critical things*.

    Those would be: when is the next book in either series coming out? 🙂

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      The next book in Well That Escalated Quickly: The Tanner Malone Story is well underway. I’m thinkin’ somewhere between half and 2/3rds of the way as a rough draft. Thing is, this time around it won’t go straight into self-publishing; I’m submitting it to Skyscape first, and presuming they pick it up, it has to enter their pipeline of editing, scheduling, etc. I have no straight answers for you there, and I’m sorry about that.

      I strongly suspect that I may follow up on that with a collection of short stories for the Good Intentions line. I won’t work on that before I finish WTEQ: Book Three, but given that question of publishing schedules and such, that may well beat Tanner out of the gate. Again, no clear answers, but I’d rather say “Outlook is uncertain” than give you false expectations of a firm release date.

  3. Bob

    Congrats on the new site! It looks purdy as all get out.
    Still hoping for another one man killing machine story, those are always nice. Nothing beats good old fashioned Ultra-Violence. Especially in space.

  4. Ken

    To say that I’m sitting on pins & needles waiting for another book from you, would be an understatement. I’ve read the Alex Carlisle series MANY times. If these were paper books, they would have been worn out already. Likewise I’ve read the Tanner Malone books several times. I’ve even thought of a few possible plots for the Alex Carlisle stories. Hopefully you will get something out soon.

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