Do I Even Really Need to Say It?

So I’ve kinda kept election stuff out of my blog. It’s not that I’m worried about pissing anyone off. It’s not even that I’m worried about losing readers or starting arguments. And I certainly don’t agree with anyone who says writers shouldn’t express their political opinions. That’s ridiculous.

No, I’ve kept it off my blog mostly because it feels like my thoughts would be painfully obvious. It’s kind of hard for me to believe anyone could read even half of one of my books and not know who I’m voting for. And for anyone who actually tracks my blog and has seen me talk about anything political, it should be even more obvious. Certainly anyone following me on Twitter knows.

Over the last couple of days, though, I figured it’s probably important enough to have it here just for the record. It feels like the kinda thing that should be here just to look back on, I guess? I dunno.

But I’ll keep it short.

I turned 18 just in time to vote for Bill Clinton in 1992. People have been trying to prove Hillary Clinton is a werewolf for my entire adult life. They have failed. Completely. HRC is a flawed human being like the rest of us, yes, and a flawed politician like all the others. It’s only a combination of a sustained 24-year hate campaign and generic sexism that blows her up to be some monster different from the rest. She’s competent, she’s capable, and as President Obama and Michelle Obama have both said, she’s the most qualified and prepared candidate for the White House we’ve ever seen. I’m totally voting for her.

By contrast? Trump? We’re way past “you’ve got to be kidding me.” Like we were at that point when he first announced. He should’ve tanked right there. Instead, we went past “this has to be a joke” and quickly went into territory that is absolutely sickening. And it has only grown more sickening.

HRC isn’t the lesser of evils. She’s the best candidate in the race from start to finish, and I dearly hope she wins.


And if you’ve gotten all the way to here, you’ll probably be happy to know that Audible made me an offer on Personal Demons and naturally I accepted! I can’t give any projections on when it’ll be done, as we don’t even have papers for me to sign yet. But they’ll reach out to Tess Irondale to narrate once again and I’ll let you know more when I know more. Paperbacks are also in the works. I’m waiting on physical proofs now.

Take care!

13 thoughts on “Do I Even Really Need to Say It?

  1. Sean

    I’m going to be turning 40 next year and this is the first year I’ve registered to vote.

    And I’m totally with her (and you). It is ridiculously disgusting what I’ve seen from the Republican side of things this election cycle.

    I can only hope cooler heads prevail in a few weeks.

  2. Oyindamola Salami

    Have you heard about #repealthe19th it’s basically Trump supporters saying that if only men were voting, Trump would win so America should repeal the nineteenth amendment that gave women the right to vote so Trump will win.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Yeah. I have nothing but contempt for that.

      His whole campaign is a giant shitshow and it’s a magnet for other walking shitshows. Honestly, the list of absolutely intolerable things to come out of Trump & his campaign is so long we’d be here all night, y’know?

  3. Blake

    I have almost nothing but contempt for both the leading candidates. Hillary has lied numerous times, even under oath. She has acted in a way that compromised numerous government secrets, and has shown herself to be an untrustworthy individual. Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t exactly lie. I think John Oliver said it best “Donald Trump views the truth like this lemur views the supreme court vacancy. ‘I don’t care about that in any way, please f**k off, I have a bannana.” I don’t think he deliberately lies or tells the truth, I just think that he is telling falsehoods when his version of reality is in conflict with the actual version of reality.

    For more reasons not to like Hillary as a candidate see Christopher Nuttall’s blog where he has written a number of posts on the 2016 elections
    Granted, he isn’t an american, but he has a rational mind and I agree with a number of his political philosophies because they are all from what I can tell, rationally thought through.

    Thankfully I don’t have to vote for either of them, since Gary Johnson is running. Government shouldn’t own nor coddle us. The markets will take care of themselves (mostly), and there is a difference between what feels morally wrong (and likely is morally wrong) and that which is destabilizing to society, i.e. that which needs to be illegal for the good of society. For example I feel abortion is morally wrong. How do you feel about someone killing an unborn child? I get a sick feeling in my gut and could not support it. However, it does not destabilize society. Instead it does the opposite, and reduces the number of people born into unfortunate circumstances. How can you support requiring a woman to be forced to raise and care for a baby for 18 years when that baby is a constant reminder of the most horrific moment in her life if she is raped? How can you support requiring a mother to bring their child into the world when she knows that she will not be able to provide enough for their child, and that child will grow up in poverty and desperation? America is about liberty. Those things that have good points on either side, the government should almost always stay out of.

    Also, legislation should be driven more by numbers than by feelings. If there had been numerous reported instances of creepers, e.g. guys going into girls bathrooms and staring, in North Carolina, then I would be alright with them creating legislation that prevents that sort of thing. Social pressure should be relied upon until it is clear legislation is needed.

    Sorry for the rant.

      1. Daniel S

        I would never choose to read (or not) a fiction author for their politics — excepting the Sad Puppies version of politics. A few authors dropped off my list from THAT group.

        That said I fall between the two camps, as usual. I agree with the Democrats about a lot of their social platform, but not on their positions on rights and privacy. I come from a Republican stronghold state, and mostly have not bothered to vote in the national elections simply because the state is districted in a way that it will always fall first Evangelical and then Republican on the national level. (we voted for Carter — the evangelical votes swung the balance to Democratic.

        Given a better (R) option I would likely vote for it. That said I cannot support Trump, and will vote that way. (mine is one of the solid (D) districts anyway so it won’t even be close) The thought of a vindictive “little” man with Nukes is frightening. I disliked Trump as an option from day 1, but he was able to monopolize the press to the point none of the other crowded field of options could distinguish themselves enough to be heard and they all divided the vote.

        I will say that she is more qualified than her HUSBAND was 20 years ago and we elected HIM. With his having almost no national political exposure. White Christian Male charismatic preference in action. 🙂

  4. McDiel

    Yeah, I’m not gonna discuss politics, especially not on the internet. It’s a minefield, and it doesn’t lead anywhere. I wish you good luck with whatever candidate of the two wins.
    … okay, I’m a hypocrite and a liar, so I will say two things: I would vote neither, but vote for a third party. And your political system is terrible. (The one of my country’s pretty bad as well, but still)

    I will say that the audible version of PD is wonderful news, though. Keep up the great work, and stay healthy!

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      Leaving aside the fact that I think Clinton is a genuinely great candidate and not just the lesser of evils: in principle, I agree that our political system totally stinks and I wish we had more than two parties as options. Neither of the big parties really does a good job of representing its membership anymore and the system is ugly as hell.

      That said: in this election, the third party options amount to two people of blistering stupidity (Johnson for the Libertarians and Stein for the Green Party) and an independent spoiler conservative candidate in the form of a former CIA operative (Evan McMullin). I’ll be blunt and say while I disagree with McMullin on a lot of issues, I’d be far more comfortable with him as the Republican candidate than Trump, but there’s simply no chance of him actually winning.

      In 2004, I cast my first vote for a Libertarian. He was running for Lieutenant Governor of the state of Washington, and his entire platform was, “This is a pointless office and it should be abolished.” I could not find fault with his argument, so he got my vote.

      That’s not this election. The practicalities of this election boil down to a choice between Hillary Clinton or an unstable racist fascist sexual predator covered in Cheeto dust. Given everything at stake and how close elections have been in the past–and again, how bad all those “third party” choices are–now is really not the time for protest votes.

      And thanks!

  5. Ifoldforweed


    I read the poor mans fight series and really did like it. it was a great piece of art and was quite sure you vote for the democrats.

    I hope you start another military scifi series. the universe you created was very detailed and your characters had a true develpment, which a lot of scifi books lack.

    I am German and ‘I lived in the states for a year. at that time George W. Bush got voted president. As an outsider your elction system is so wierd and for germans in it is inconceivable how trump gets even nominated. You politicicans keep throwing shit at each other quite amusing, but doenst seem to democratic. I dont like either candidate, but hilary seems to be the more skilled politican.

    I like to compare trump to berlusconi and italy didnt went to the shitter either. So heads up, even if trump gets elected it wont be the end of the world. You survived george w. bush, a kok snorring imbecil.

    Have a nice week.

  6. Chris

    Ok the good new is I’m an Australian, So I don’t have to vote, ironically I don’t think voting is compulsory over in America, as it is here.

    How independently wealthy are the Clintons, and if they are getting campaign contributions, who is the money behind the politician?

    I am just hesitant to trust any politician that has backers. Those backers will want something for the money some time down the track.

    Now this argument doesn’t mean I am endorsing Trump.

    To be honest I have no faith in either of them.

  7. Cook

    Trump is an ass, and while Hillary is a much better politician that puts her in a group that I have no faith in. I would love to have a better option and I feel that most Americans feel the same way, We should be voting for people we trust and I wouldn’t trust either to run a bake sale much less a Nation,

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