Cover art by the amazing Julie Dillon!


Some people struggle to get to college. Tanner Malone had to fight through an interstellar war. Far from home, under a cloud of scandal and propaganda, hunted by assassins and haunted by trauma, Tanner is finally enrolled in a top university.

He didn’t plan for an archaeological expedition on the far side of human space. He didn’t want more corporate mercenaries or space pirates in his life, either. Yet ancient alien secrets don’t come without cost. If his classmates want to survive the summer, their infamous intern is the only chance they’ve got.


LAST MAN OUT is coming soon! I’m currently in a final edit (with, like, an editor) and we’re shooting for a release sometime in the week of April 16th (later in the week is a little more likely).

To answer the usual questions:

  • Audible has not gotten back to me yet on this one and I don’t want to take their decisions for granted, but naturally I’m hoping for an audio version. It won’t happen right away, though.
  • The paperback will likely trail the ebook by a couple weeks. My usual formatting provider has stopped offering formatting services so I have to either find a new one or teach myself to do it.
  • Yes, there will absolutely be another Good Intentions novel. I have a little of the next one written already, but I have no release dates in mind. I’m chewing on another, shorter, GI-like space opera, too.
  • If you haven’t already, you will want to read NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS before this book! It’s totally possible to enjoy LAST MAN OUT without having read that one, but LMO includes a big payoff for the previous novel.
  • In the meantime, if you haven’t visited it yet, you need to check out Julie Dillon’s website. Everything is a treat for your eyeballs. Go. Look.

Hope to have more news and/or a full release for you very soon!


  1. Erik

    That is my new favorite subtitle.
    And now with a proper release date I can stop obsessively checking your blog…until the week (probably later in the week) of April 16th.

    1. Rehcra

      “The deadliest unpaid intern in the galaxy.”

      I don’t think about ‘sub-Titles’ enough to call it my favorite but other than that this post made me feel the exact same way Erik.
      Great line Kay.

  2. I_F

    Woo, so excited!

    (Now I just have to deal with the horrible wait between the 22nd and whenever it goes on sale).

  3. Ben

    This gives me two weeks (or less) to reread the other 4 books in the series and get ready for this one to drop. I can’t wait! I like the GI series also, but this series might be my favorite by any author. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like pre-order is available on Amazon yet.

    Now I want to speculate about all the things that might happen in this book. I hope Alicia took Vanessa’s suggestion and joined the intelligence community and that they both play a large role in this book with Tanner. Can’t wait to see how things shook out in Archangel either. Could Andrea be the new president or at least back in the Senate and on a committee dealing with intelligence issues? I’m guessing we’ll get to see a lot more of Allison too (I still can’t think of her as “Madelyn”).

  4. Gene

    Allow me to add my thanks as well, I’ve really enjoyed reading everything you have written do date in this series. It has been a fun ride. I do look forward to (hopefully) paying you quite a few more times in the future.

  5. Steven

    Woot woot!

    I have read all the books and am definitely ready! Have you heard back from audible? And do you when will the hard copy be coming out?

  6. Old Sub Sailor

    I do enjoy this series.

    BUT. . .

    It seems that the audio books people continue to hire people who can’t pronounce military terms ( or even chitinous) properly. The performer ruins this audiobook with his constant mispronunciations, which are akin to having to listen to fingernails being scraped across a chalkboard.

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