Casting Call?

In a comment on my last post, Sean asked,

Kind of off topic for this post, but if you could cast both of your series as movies, who would you choose for the main characters? (no budgetary constraints, it’s perfectly okay to choose all A-listers) 

…and I’m absolutely interested in hearing what anyone else would have to say!I’ll come up with my own answers here tomorrow-ish. But feel free to throw out ideas!

1 thoughts on “Casting Call?

  1. Pat Miller

    Have you ever had any real industry queries about licensing movie rights for either series?

    But EVERY YEAR I google ‘poor man’s fight movie’ to see if anything is in the works. I think the first two PMF books would make wonderful movies and perhaps continue into the later books as well (which get more aliens rather than character focused).
    I’m not the only one who has recommended PMF to friends as a ‘Die Hard in Space’ level of fun. But the PMF characters are even BETTER than Die Hard IMO.

    As for your old casting question…
    NO MAJOR FACES truly are required! The whole point of this series is that Tanner is a (book smart) everyman. Having a major known actor for Tanner kindof ruins that. Good actors needed YES of course. But they don’t need to be top stars. (See The Expanse.)

    Recognizable actors should be in the supporting roles… Janeka, Casey, Aguirre, and Andrea.
    Of those, Janeka’s probably the hardest to cast — just like Gunny Draper on The Expanse was.

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