The Union of Humanity exists only because the aliens demanded it. After a hundred different treaties and countless broken promises, mankind’s powerful neighbors forced humanity into a common defense and a single diplomatic voice. Yet within the Union’s borders, the human race is as fractious as ever. When the star system of Archangel is invaded by the three greatest corporations in human space, the Union is powerless to intervene.

Corporal Alicia Wong thrives on the front lines. She doesn’t like the war, but she likes the challenges and the clear-cut goals. She likes knowing who her friends and enemies are, too. Yet after uncovering evidence of alien contact in violation of Union laws, Alicia finds herself in a world of espionage and covert missions. Before it’s all over, her choices may change the course of Archangel’s war – and humanity’s future.

NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS was released this June in ebook and paperback. Audio is now available!…/…/B0771RJBL1

While Tanner Malone plays a role in this novel, the primary protagonists are Alicia Wong and Gunny Janeka. Given the gender shift in POV, I requested Tess Irondale as the narrator. Tess regularly knocks it out of the park with my GOOD INTENTIONS books, so I figured she’d be perfect for this job.

NO MEDALS FOR SECRETS takes place immediately after the events of RICH MAN’S WAR, essentially making it PMF 2.5 …but I can’t get Amazon or Audible to number it like that. I’ve marked it PMF 4 so readers don’t miss it.

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