Progress Report

The rough draft for Rich Man’s War just broke 110,000 words tonight. Thought some folks might want to know.

It’s a very rough draft. I’m gonna have to go through it again even before I put it in the hands of my trusty beta readers, so I’m not saying it’ll be out next week or anything. (And yes, I have trusty beta readers… I hate to disappoint anyone who has or would have volunteered, but I’m much more comfortable with test readers when I can nag them for their opinions and input in person.)

This is the first large-scale space battle sequence that I’ve ever written, making all the other battles in Poor Man’s Fight small by comparison. I realized, when I started out, that I’d better just figure out names for all the ships involved ahead of time even though not even half will be named in the final product, because having to stop and make up a new name whenever I needed one would be aggravating as all hell. And that meant coming up with a naming scheme for each individual type of ship.

I decided that all the corvettes on one side of this fight should be named after dog breeds. But even that isn’t a random choice. Bulldog? Foxhound? Harrier? Excellent names for warships. Polish Lowland Sheepdog? Maybe not so much.  🙂