Hi all,

I made a horrible discovery today while straightening out passwords. It turns out some requests sent to my email address to be added to my notifications list have gone into my spam folder… and that means I have no idea how many I might have lost over the last year.

If you ever sent me a notification request and I didn’t respond, you might want to send me a new one at Of course, if you’re reading my blog, that’s probably not such a problem… but I figure I should let folks know.

Not a lot to tell about Norwescon this year, though I met with Lee Moyer about the cover for Rich Man’s War. He drew up a very, very rough concept sketch while we sat in the hotel restaurant talking, and so for the third time I now have to change something in the story because what he dreamed up for the cover is too cool NOT to do. It’s funny how that can happen.

That’s all for the moment. Back to writing!