They’re out of the dungeon and into a world that doesn’t want them.

The world’s gonna have to deal.

Life on the open road is no easier than working in the wizard’s dungeon.

Scars and his crew escaped their old lives by finding each other, but a found family still needs a home. Even defense of a small mountain town from bandits doesn’t change the order of exile against monsters throughout the kingdom. Given the boot as soon as the job is done, the crew discovers a blighted camp of orcs and goblin folk all under the same rule of banishment.Pinned against the border with no hope of mercy, the camp has little chance against hunger, raiders, and the dark otherworldly power hidden below the surface. With nowhere to run and no help in sight, the crew has to hold together tighter than ever—even if they have to open up about their pasts, share their dreams, and endure the horrors of warmth and friendship.

WARNING: NOWHERE TO RUN contains explicit violence, racial violence, religious violence, personal and general violence, profanity, inter-species oppression, mayoral misconduct, murder, impalement, dismemberment, multiple defenestrations, threats, torture, awkward friendship, mature reactions to sexual rejection, covert operations, revenge, sacrilege, kidnapping, bounty hunting, transdimensional incursions, temptation, possessions, disappointment, knives in the dark, knives in the head, so much knives, questionable theology, questionable economics, arson, treason, resisted arrest, obstructionist debate tactics, destruction of religious sites, unauthorized construction, unauthorized highway demolition, soul harvesting, prejudice, tentacles, bad candy, aiding and abetting of a known fugitive, sexual objectification of elves via pyrotechnics, cavalry warfare, banditry, robbery, negligent urban planning, wholesale theft of military supplies and too much information about mom and dad’s sex lives.

Available in ebook and paperback:

Looking for book one? Here it is: RUN LIKE HELL


As always, thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Eugene

    I have been a big fan since Good Intentions and have picked up all of your novels. That being said I prefer to listen to them as I spend a lot of time on the road or working with my hands. Any chance this and Run Like Hell will get an Audio version?

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      There’s a chance, but it’s not in the works yet. I need to get hold of Audible (which isn’t always easy) and see if they’re interested. Given that these are shorter novels, I’m not sure how they’ll be received. Audible seems to prefer longer works and the numbers I see from them make that understandable. But I’ll certainly give it a shot!

      1. Ola Munteanu

        Yeah they are a bit short but a combination of the two ought make for about the preferred length, No? At something like 465 pages, shouldn’t that make for something like a 14-18 hour long audiobook?

        Anyway I am about to give the Kindle sample of Run Like Hell a read.
        Happy to hear GI IV will be out soon. Checking up on a possible continuation in the Good Intentions story line was what brought me here.
        Must have missed that you’d been working on a new S&S Fantasy series last time I checked amazon.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I’m closing in on the finish for the next Good Intentions. When that’s done, Tanner’s next book is probably my next project. I don’t want to give a guarantee as I might fit another Wandering Monsters in there first, but Tanner seems like the next in line.

      1. Peter

        Good Intentions is still something new and amazing. I’m hoping in book IV we will see more of Alex and this skills from past lifetimes. Cant wait ;P

  2. Michael

    I, and I am sure others agree, would love to see another Tanner Malone book. I have reread the previous ones numerous times. I’m wearing out my Kindle!

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