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Last Man Out

THE DEADLIEST UNPAID INTERN IN THE GALAXY Some people struggle to get to college. Tanner Malone had to fight through…

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No Medals for Secrets

The Union of Humanity exists only because the aliens demanded it. After a hundred different treaties and countless broken promises,…

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Personal Demons

Book Three in the Good Intentions series! Alex always knew romance would be complicated. When love came into his life…

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Dead Man’s Debt

“WE REQUIRE A DIFFERENT BATTLEFIELD.” Nobody expected the war to last three hours, let alone three years. The star system…

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Rich Man’s War

The action-packed sequel to Poor Man’s Fight! “They will never let you go…because there’s no money in it.” No one…

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Natural Consequences - Paranormal Romance by Indie Author Elliott Kay

Natural Consequences

The exciting sequel to Good Intentions! Alex Carlisle has enough to deal with even on quiet days. Living with an…

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Good Intentions - Urban Fantasy Erotica by Elliott Kay

Good Intentions

He knew it was a dumb stunt from the start. A midnight run through a cemetery to impress a couple…

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