Days of High Adventure - New Adult Sword and Sorcery by Elliott Kay

Days of High Adventure

Gaming with friends offered what Amanda missed in her dreary college life: friendship and excitement, the thrill of combat for a good cause and the chance to be a hero. Neither Amanda nor her friend, Eric ever expected to face the suddenly real world of their fantasy adventures, but when a careless joke draws the ire of a dark wizard, both must rise to the challenge.

Leveling up has never been so hard… or felt so good.

WARNING: Days of High Adventure contains graphic violence, graphic pre-marital sex, graphic violation of college housing regulations, rampant geekery, multiple dismemberments, impalings, bad language, nudity, drug references, consumption of alcohol, destruction of private property, paganism, theft, arson, slavery, reptile-on-human violence, improper placement of hazardous materials, money laundering, illegal immigration, tax evasion, poor workplace standards, unwed cohabitating couples, kidnapping, assault under color of authority, bearers of false witness, human sacrifice, desecration of religious sites, unsafe work standards, uncredited film quotes, and references to games falsely accused of Satanic influences. There may be dungeons and/or dragons herein.

If you enjoyed Good Intentions try this novella set in the same urban fantasy universe.

I usually don’t leave reviews, but I enjoyed this story so much, I’ve made an exception. Do you like fantasy? Ever played D&D? Then this little book is right up your alley! Light, fast, entertaining.
-Alina Blackstock

This is a great adventure! Typical of Kay’s work he develops distinct personalities and voices for his characters and that shines through here. The story moves right along and I’d love to see a sequel to this some day.

Book categories: Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy, New Adult, Novella, Romance, Sword and Sorcery, and Urban Fantasy